Nitrogenie Hawaii: Real Ice Cream Made With Liquid Nitrogen

Move over frozen yogurt, the next cool thing has arrived to the islands. Nitrogenie, located in the brand new Ewa Wing of Ala Moana Center, is the first made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream shop to hit Hawaii. Earlier this week I had the chance to chill (the icy puns continue) with Nitrogenie co-founder, Todd Farr, and taste some of their unique offerings.

Here’s Todd Farr talking about the Australian-based Nitrogenie. He emphasized that the ice cream is indeed…real ice cream. Real ice cream melts. Nitrogenie ice cream…melts. That’s a good thing. Only natural ingredients are used, so that means no funky chemicals that you can’t pronounce.


Part of what makes Nitrogenie unique is the show that you get as a customer. Each ice cream order is made on the spot, with liquid nitrogen, to expedite the ice cream making process to just a few seconds. Fine dining restaurants have been using this method for years and now Nitrogenie has brought the liquid nitrogen technique to the masses.





But does it taste like ice cream, and more importantly, does it taste good? Yes and YES! Farr’s favorite flavor is the Lemon Meringue Pie, which really does taste like you’re taking a bite out of a lemon meringue pie…crust and all.

Try the Honey Cheesecake…I heard another taster whisper into the ear of the person next to me, “wow, I can really taste the honey!” I tried a scoop and nodded in agreement. She was Japanese so I told her, oishi, Japanese for delicious. Actually, I elongated it to oishiiiiii…because it was that ono. Also oishi…the Salty Caramelly Popcorn. Creamy goodness in a cup.

You can see all of the Nitrogenie flavors on their website. The Hawaii store will soon begin rotating flavors, so you’d better get there soon so you can try the current crop of flavors…before they disappear. And remember, it’s real ice cream, guys. So, lick fast and go back for more.




Ala Moana Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814

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