Breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee

If you’re willing to spend some time standing in line and waiting for a table to open up, then Island Vintage Coffee should be on your list of must try breakfast spots. The food here is colorful, filling, and oh so worth the wait in line.

Coffee, you’ve got to start with the coffee. I ordered an Island Latte, and could taste hints of macadamia nut and coconut.


The fruit infused Tropical Sensation. Refreshing, especially on a hot and humid Hawaiian day.


Island Vintage serves up a very hearty Ham and Cheese Croissant. It even comes with a side of greens…because greens are good!



Heartier appetite? Order this twist on the local breakfast standard of Portuguese sausage and eggs. The black rice with furikake, asparagus, and side of papaya completes the twist.


Spicy Ahi Poke for breakfast? Yup, why not. You’ve got to wait until 8am, though, to order it. Patience, young padawan.


This, you’ve got to try. It’s a sausage and egg bagel sandwich. Yep, a purple bagel. It’s actually a taro bagel and it is pure deliciousness.


Of course, breakfast would not be complete (at Island Vintage Coffee), without their immensely popular Acai Bowl. The honey…oh that honey…


Island Vintage Coffee
Royal Hawaiian Center
2301 Kalakaua Ave
Suite C215
Honolulu, HI 96815