Holoholo Weekly: Haiku Stairs Destruction, Pineapple Heads, and Parts Unknown

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The Hawaii Board of Water Supply plans to spend $500,000 on researching how to get rid of Haiku Stairs. It’s happening guys…

Speaking of Haiku Stairs…BuzzFeed did a post on hiking, and of course, you know which Hawaii hike made the list.

Thanksgiving hike to Stairway to Heaven aka Haiku Stairs 2014 by Marvin Chandra

Sticking with the theme of questionable hikes…DLNR decided to add QR Codes to their No Trespassing Signs at Sacred Falls. Problem is, no one uses QR Codes. Ever.

Conde Naste give you 10 of Hawaii’s Best Hidden Beaches.


Jurassic World premiered this week and Hawaii was its backdrop. This Hawaii Magazine article takes a close look at the scenery of the latest Jurassic movie.

Apple Maps is coming to Honolulu!

We are invading their ecosystem, after all.

If Dole Plantation ever needed a spokesperson…this guy. Check out the rest of the photos here


Finally, for our Filipino readers…are we Asian or Pacific Islander? Hmmm..

Hungry Much?

Fancy inflight menus are coming to Hawaiian Airlines!

“The guest star lineup includes Lee Ann Wong, the owner/chef of Island-style brunch joint Koko Head Café (Dec. 1-June 1, 2016); Wade Ueoka, the owner/chef of Hawaii-style fine dining establishment MW Restaurant (late 2016), Andrew Le, the chef and owner of HAWAII Magazine’s Best New Oahu Restaurant of 2014, The Pig & The Lady (late 2016 through mid 2017); and Maui-based Executive Chef Sheldon Simeon of HAWAII Magazine 2015 Readers’ Choice Award winning restaurant Mala Wailea and Hawaiian fusion eatery, MiGRANT (mid to late 2017).”


Catch Anthony Bourdain in Hawaii this Sunday in the latest episode of Parts Unknown.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of your blog and I was wondering what your guys thoughts on paying for search and rescue efforts. It’s such a huge spotlight right now all over Hawai’i and generally wanted to know what you guys think of it.

    • Against it. If there was a fee you would have people who do need a rescue that would hesitate b/c of the cost and that would make things worse. It’s better for the community as a whole to keep it free unless there are large amounts of abuse of the system.

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