Favorites: Mulvadi Pancakes + Hawaiian Coconut Syrup

Pancakes, I love pancakes. I accidentally discovered Mulvadi’s Gourmet Pancake Mix when, a few months ago, a bag mysteriously found its way into our kitchen cabinet. I’ve been buying them in batches ever since.

Get your griddle ready by buttering it up. Butter is love.


All you need for the mix is water. Once your batter is mixed, get to pouring.


Flip them once, and you’re good.


I love these pancakes because they are light and airy.


Make a bunch, because they’ll get eaten up quickly.


Another recent discovery was this coconut syrup (also made by Mulvadi). They go perfectly with these pancakes. You can find both products in any ABC Store.


After you’ve drizzled on your coconut syrup, mix in some maple syrup too. Instant coconut maple syrup. Such a great combination.


Of course, it pairs well with thick cut bacon.


Eat and enjoy!

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