Moena Cafe Puts A Luxurious Spin On Local Favorites

If you want to enjoy a great breakfast then head on over to Moena Cafe. This tiny cafe in the Koko Marina Center does breakfast right. I’ve eaten here on numerous occasions and have always left satisfied. The food is great, the atmosphere is warm, and the service is excellent.




Crab Benedict, anyone? This is my go to dish at Moena Cafe. This time, though, I tried it with spinach and avocado added on. And a side of bacon. Lovely.




No mashed together beef patty on this Loco Moco. Moena Cafe will spoil you with a very tender cut of braised short rib over rice and an over-easy egg. And that gravy…


Cut into the egg and watch as the yummy yolk reveals itself.


And here’s a petite stack of Moena Cafe’s famous Strawberry & Milk Pancakes. So fu–ing good that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Actually, I did know what I wanted to do…eat more. They absolutely nailed the strawberry taste with the spread over the pancake. It’s like eating strawberry Pocky, but better and in pancake form. If you like strawberries and cream then you will absolutely adore these pancakes.


By the way, I’ve walked past Moena Cafe’s Harajyuku location in Tokyo…the line to get in wrapped around an entire block. To say these pancakes are popular in Japan, might be an understatement.

Moena Cafe
Koko Marina Center
7192 Kalanianaole Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96825