Tasting Kapolei’s My Cafe

Kapolei might not automatically pop to mind when thinking of breakfast hot spots. However, one little cafe, tucked between a Jamba Juice and a Papa John’s, in a tiny strip mall next to a gas station, is trying to change that.

My Cafe, which opened late last year, is quickly becoming the go-to breakfast spot for locals on the westside. The small space, draped in purple and black chalkboard walls, seemingly was going for a warm and cozy feel. The experience, though, was a bit more frenetic.

We visited My Cafe on Memorial Day weekend, and, not surprisingly, it was busy. The wait was estimated to be about 40 minutes long, but it ended up being closer to an hour.


Once your name is called, you then place your order before being seated. I found this odd, especially since the host didn’t tell us about this procedure when we checked in.

People queuing up to either put their name on the seating list or place their order. Not a fan of this system.


Cool chalkboard menu, though.



I ended up ordering the chicken apple sausage plate, which came with scrambled eggs and a side of potatoes. I ordered some bacon for good measure. Also, the cashier convinced me into ordering a cup of their “special” salted chocolate coffee. I tasted neither salt nor chocolate. I probably just got the regular cup of Joe. Also, in hindsight, I think she might have meant salted caramel?




Here’s the Loaded French Toast, topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, toasted coconut flakes, & home-made taro-haupia sauce. Our French toast specialist says that it comes nowhere near Sweet E’s.


This is My Cafe’s eggs benedict with blue crab and asparagus. It’s prepared with a thick slice of toasted sourdough baguette, homemade hollandaise sauce & potatoes. No runny yolk. Sad face.



The Haillie’s Scramble comes packed with bacon, onion, mushroom, asparagus, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and cheese.



And finally, My Cafe’s most popular dish, the Flight of Pancakes. I think every table in the restaurant ordered this sampler trio.

The chocolate pancakes with taro-haupia sauce, whipped cream, & coconut flakes was the most visually appealing, and the stack that I was most looking forward to tasting. Unfortunately, it fell flat. The pancake was dense and crumbly, and the sauce lacked a rich taro or haupia flavor.

Next up was the Cookie Butta Luva. Sounds good in concept, but I don’t think they nailed the recipe jus yet. It lacked zing. A few of us even questioned whether it even tasted like cookie butter.



The lilikoi pancakes though, those were delicious. The duo of lilikoi sauces tickled my taste buds. If I ever find my way back to My Cafe, this is what I’m ordering.


My Cafe was a bit style over substance. Bright, and colorful, but lacking in the flavor department (with the exception of those lilikoi pancakes…yum). There was one quirk, though, that I did enjoy. The random coffee mugs. No two coffee mugs were the same. Questioned that at the start, but ended up loving the concept.



My Cafe
563 Farrington Hwy
Kapolei, Hi 96707
Tel: 808-200-5737