Holoholo Weekly: Cromwell’s Going Away, Pineapple History, and Rebuilding Koa with Tech

Holoholo Weekly is a compilation of stories and tidbits that we’ve collected from around the web. It’s like a weekly mystery grab bag of Hawaii related goodness, featuring different articles of interest, fun images, videos, products, deals, downloads, and more.

Our pick of the week is a KITV feature on Yukio Yoshikawa, owner of the long lasting McKinley Car Wash.

“He was offered more than $15 million dollars 30 years ago, but refused to sell his piece of the American Dream. Hear why this 90 year old man still works 60+ hours a week and loves what he does.”

Here’s an older feature of Yoshikawa from a 2005 issue of Midweek.

Fan of Cromwell’s? It might be going away soon.

“A recently erected fence has failed to deter daredevils’ “suicide dives.” In fact, security cameras recorded 900 jumps into the shallow water near Diamond Head in just the last three months.”

Shangrila Visitors1

Lonely Planet highlights the island of Lanai.


The New York Times ran a great story this week on Oahu’s North Shore and surfing.

Maui Information Guide put together an post, with infographic, on Maui’s most inaccessible areas.


Interesting read from NPR and how technology is being used to rebuild Hawaii’s Koa Forests.

Hungry Much?

Flux takes a fascinating look into the history of the pineapple in Hawaii.


Have you tried Adoboloco Hot Sauce? Hawaii Magazine takes a close look at this unique company.


Are you one of those people that put li hing mui on everything?


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