Kaimana Farm Cafe: Kapahalu’s Newest Brunch Spot

Kaimana Cafe is open from 8am to 4pm and features an all day menu, with both breakfast and lunch items. It’s the latest restaurant to open up shop on Kapahulu Avenue, in the small space that was formerly home to Chef Robert McGee’s Meatball. The cafe, which just opened late last year, is the latest to promote sustainability and the use of locally made organic products. The small space is a bit of a mash-up between Goofy Cafe & Dine, Heavenly, and The Nook. The vibe is definitely familiar: repurposed wood, chalkboard menus, and ornate mason jars. Cute, sure. But how did the food stack up?





She started with a large (and I mean large) glass of organic iced tea. The canteen-like mason jar threw us off for a bit. Fun to look at, but maybe not the most functional drinking device.


I had a plain ol’ cup of Joe.


She went for the hearty Eggs Benedict with Pork Belly. The eggs were a bit over done (we like our eggs runny), but the pork belly was nicely marinated.




I chose Kaimana Cafe’s acai Bowl. The acai was, as expected, a refreshing delight. However, I would have loved to have seen more fruit variety…think blueberries and kiwi. Also, I couldn’t help but wonder why my simple acai bowl was served about 30 minutes after her Eggs Benedict. She was long done with her meal by then.



And for dessert… yes, I said dessert… we had the french toast with caramelized bananas. Kind of. We requested the french toast to come out at the very end, but, it was served long before my acai bowl made it to the table. Nonetheless, it was delicious. They could have sliced the bread fully as to not make the use of their sandwich bread so obvious. Those details aside, yummy french toast.



Kaimana Farm Cafe is obviously working out a few new restaurant kinks. I’m hoping that service improves so that they stick around much longer than Meatball did. Their food is definitely worth a second try. Hopefully when I visit again, they’ll have figured out how to whip up a bowl of acai sooner, rather than later.

Kaimana Farm Cafe
845 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816