Hiking The Ohai Loop and Overlook Trail Off Of Kahekili Highway on Maui’s North Shore

The Ohai Loop Trail is a short hike that we stumbled on while driving through Kahekili Highway on Maui’s North Shore. You’ll find the trailhead and parking for this trail between mile marker 40 and 41. The loop is short, but it is very scenic. The highlight comes at the midpoint, where a single chair awaits, making for the perfect spot to watch for whales and seabirds.


The hike follows the coastline, so you’ll get nice ocean views throughout.


Looking back towards Kapalua.


The hump-like natural structure you see in the photo below is know as the Kahakuloa Head, or Puu Koae. If you continue to drive along Kahekili Highway, you will eventually reach a lookout point with a great view of this North Shore landmark.






We ran into just one other person on the Ohai Loop Trail. Everybody else was probably gawking at the Nakalele Blowhole. Good thing, because that meant we had this single bench and massive view all to ourselves.



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Don’t forget to identify the next island over, Molokai. Shots of Maui from Molokai are ethereal.

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