Home Maid Bakery: Home of the Crispy Manju

Home Maid Bakery always brings back good memories from childhood. Whenever family visited Maui, I knew that they would return with a fresh batch of goods from Home Maid Bakery. Started in 1960 by Joseph and Monica Kozuki, this Wailuku bakery located on Lower Main Street has since become known as the Home of the Crispy Manju.


Of course, at the Home of the Crispy Manju, the most popular item is … the crispy manju. The flaky outer crust is what I look forward to the most when biting into this yummy treat. Manju is an excellent omiyage, or edible gift that you bring home to share with friends and family. These delicious, almost mini-pies, come filled with a variety of tasty fillings, including sweet azuki beans, apple, coconut, pineapple, and purple sweet potato.



The mochi is another favorite of mine. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, then one of Home Maid’s mochi offerings is the way to go. My favorite is the sweet potato mochi.



During a recent visit, we discovered the latest Home Maid Bakery creation, the mochi anpan. We were familiar with their anpan, which is a traditional japanese sweet roll filled with red bean paste. The mochi anpan is a anpan hack of sorts, since it’s filled with a layer of mochi. So good.



As a kid, it might have been the crispy manju that I craved. As an adult, it’s Home Maid Bakery’s chocolate peanut butter mochi that won my … sweet tooth. I could devour two of these trays in one sitting. You probably could too.


Home Maid Bakery
1005 Lower Main Street
Wailuku, HI 96793