8 Exposures Vol. 7: Lahaina and Paia Town, Maui

My classic SX-70 has been racking up those¬†Hawaiian Miles, having visited Lanai and Maui over the past couple of months. Decided to snap a few shots around Lahaina and Maui’s eclectic Paia Town, the final resemblance of civilization for those who decide to drive the road to Hana. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy and I felt a bit rushed trying to snap what was left of my roll in the 1-hour timeframe that we spent in Paia, before heading to Kahului Airport.

On the last day of our Maui trip I realized, “hey, I’ve got my SX-70 and some color film…” First thing that I tried to shoot was the Olowalu Petroglyphs. Nada, forgot to fix exposure.


Next stop was Lanai. Michelle’s shave ice was quickly melting! I tried to get a snap off, but once again…forgot to set proper exposure! Ugh.


Finally got a shot that worked. Here’s Michelle in Lahaina Town.


Finally, Paia. Stumbled on this old alley as we stepped out of the public parking lot. Thought it looked creepy cool. It was very gloomy, and would soon be raining.


People crossing Baldwin Avenue.


F. Garcia Building, circa 1964.


Busy Paia Town.


Can you make this one out? Tried to get one final shot from inside of Kahului Airport. 6pm, bad lighting plus non-steady hands equals horrible shot.


By Coty

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