Holoholo Weekly: Pure Heart Reunion, Winter on Maui Survival Guide, Dead Man’s Catwalk

Holoholo Weekly is a compilation of stories and tidbits that we’ve collected from around the web. It’s like a weekly mystery grab bag of Hawaii related goodness, featuring different articles of interest, fun images, videos, products, deals, downloads, and more.

My pick of the week is the recently recorded Pure Heart Hi*Sessions. I was stoked when I found out that they did a mini reunion for Jon Yamasato’s YouTube Channel, Hi*Sessions. I loved their music back in the day. They kinda sorta hint at a reunion album in their Hi*sessions…hope so!

Speaking of Pure Heart… “Music is the language of human emotion,” Ukulele artist Jake Shimabukuro told students during an assembly at West Elementary on March 2. “Shaking hands, smiling, hugging, it’s all music.”

And since we’re talking about musical celebrities, here are a few other celebrities with strong Hawaii roots.

Waikiki looking calm and collected here. Photo collection by Max Wanger.

Newport Beach Magazine features Oahu’s sunrise hikes and moonlit dinners.

Winter…winter on Maui…a winter on Maui Survival Guide? Yes, it exists.


The Virgin Atlantic blog takes a look at the Kalaupapa Peninsula on Molokai.

Hawaiian Airline’s Ohana brand flies to Molokai. Speaking of Hawaiian Airlines, they’re upgrading their seats.

Elvis kind of made Coco Palm’s popular back in the day. Hurricane Iniki destroyed it. But it looks like it is set to reopen in 2 years.

Finally, Dead Man’s Catwalk In Hawaii Is As Pretty As It Is Illegal. Some Exploration: Hawaii photography featured in this article.



Hungry Much?

Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay is offering couples cooking classes. Looks like fun!

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