An Unreal Deal of an Omakase

We’ve shared a lot on Exploration: Hawaii, especially our favorite hikes and places to dine. That said, this is one restaurant that I’m not particularly ready to give away just yet. It’s a sushi bar that is more of a hole-in-the-wall. Actually, it kind of is, literally, a hole in the wall of a larger restaurant. It’s frequented by locals who like to eat good, talk loud, and drink a lot. Did I mention that this sushi bar is BYOB. Yup, and many regulars drag along their own coolers filled with ice and their favorite alcoholic beverage of choice. Their 11-piece omakase is a great value at just $30.  Now do you get why I’m keeping this one to myself?

Let’s take a look at the menu…

Boiled peanuts: the working man’s appetizer.


Hamachi and maguro…what a great way to start our omakase.


Aji, or Japanese Horse Mackerel.


Ebi two ways, fried and raw.


Uku, or grey snapper.


Weird pairing, but I’m not complaining if there is chutoro involved. That’s abalone to the right of the fatty tuna.


Oh yes, uni. Uni that is overflowing. And ikura. Nice juicy balls of ikura that explode in your mouth with the salty flavors of the ocean.


Another favorite of mine, unagi. Too bad they don’t serve anago, though.


Kampachi with a kick of pesto.


Of course, we ended up ordering a few things ala carte, including an especially meaty portion of hamachi kama. This impressed me. I’ve never seen a sushi bar serve such a hearty portion.


The shrimp and vegetable tempura was good, but not as good as Morio’s.


And finally, these tasty bits of ocean gold. We wrapped up our night with some fresh oysters from Oregon.


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  1. Hello, thanks for this mouthwatering post about Omakase dinner experience. I emailed you about this post about a month ago. I am asking you again. Could you please… please… please share the name of this restaurant? I am heading to Hawaii in two weeks from Toronto and and dying to try this place. I would really.. really appreciate it if you can share this hidden gem info with me. Thanks!!

  2. Hi! This entry is really amazing and mouthwatering.

    Chloe, did you ever get the name of this little restaurant? I am eager to try out this place.

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