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Ten Luxury Items That You Should Consider Bringing To Haleakala

When planning for your backpacking trip to Haleakala, you’ll want to think carefully about what you bring along with you. The pounds will add up quickly, so you will only want to bring the essentials. With that said, during my four-day backpacking trip through Haleakala, there were a few items that I was very thankful that I brought along and other things that I wished I had. Here’s a list of 10 non-essential luxury times that will likely make your hike in the crater a lot more comfortable.

  1. Duct Tape. We experienced two shoe failures during our hike. Thankfully, my shoes held up well. I didn’t bring along any duct tape, but I am glad that others did. The duct tape offered an easy fix for those whose sole’s were literally falling apart.
  2. Hat. Many of us apply sunscreen to our face, but fail to consider our scalp. Of course, on a trail like Haleakala, the scalp is directly exposed to the sun, making it very susceptible to getting sun burnt. Avoid this by wearing a hat.
  3. Cooling Mesh Towel. This small piece of synthetic material can be used to wash down your body and can be worn around the neck during your hike to keep you cool. Wet it with some water before you start your hike and it’ll help to keep you nice and cool.
  4. Headphones. My iPhone earbuds saved me. When I reached the point during each leg of the hike that I felt exhausted, I would put on my headphones and play music. The music served as a serious morale booster.
  5. Mophie External Battery. A total life saver. I was able to keep my iPhone powered for four full days because of my Mophie Juice Pack. This was important for me because was I was keeping a GPS track of the entire backpacking trip. Without the charger, my iPhone would not have made it past the first day, I would have been without any GPS and any music.
  6. Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin for Blisters. After a few hours of hiking with your heavy pack, you’ll know exactly where your potential blister areas are. During my Haleakala backpacking trip, I applied moleskin every morning, before heading out. I experienced no major or ruptured blisters.
  7. Earplugs. I wish I had brought earplugs with me. Chances are that you don’t know whether there are snorers in your group. If there are, then you might be in for a few sleepless nights. Avoid this, or the very least, minimize the effects, by packing a pair of earplugs.
  8. Purell Hand Sanitizer. Ordinarily, I’m not a hand sanitizer toting kind of person. I don’t mind the occasional germ. However, when you’re using communal areas like an outhouse, you want to make sure that you have some available to use. I also made sure to sanitize my hands before applying and removing my contact lenses. Piece of mind is worth it’s place in your backpack.
  9. Slippers. You’ll be so happy that you brought a pair along with you. After a long day of hiking you’ll be able to shed your feet of your hiking boots and slip into a comfy pair of slippers.
  10. Playing Cards. You’ll have some down time, especially if you split up the trip like we did. A set of paying cards will help you to kill some time.

One more thing: A pen and a notebook will help to keep note of things. I made sure to jot down any thoughts I had or memorable experiences while they were fresh in my head. I usually found myself writing just before I dozing off for the night. It certainly helped me when it came to to write these blog posts!

Final Note: I had written this more than a year ago, when my backpacking trip was fresh in mind. I had forgotten about it in my drafts folder, hence, the late publication date. That said, I still think that the advice is relevant today. Happy trails!

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