Livestock Tavern: A Taste of New England in Downtown Honolulu

Tucked away on the corner of Hotel & Smith St. is the latest culinary experiment by the same duo that delivered the immensely popular Lucky Belly. Livestock Tavern reminds me of the hearty comfort food that I willingly indulge in whenever visiting the New England coast. Their winter menu includes choices like shellfish stew, braised beef tongue, and a devilishly delicious Maine lobster roll.



I started with the persimmon salad with crispy goat cheese, beets, radish, and passion fruit. Unfortunately, they were out of persimmon, so more beets for me – which was perfectly fine since I love fresh beets. The salad was stellar, which was not surprising since I was very impressed by Lucky Belly’s beet salad. This version was a bit sweeter.



She had the shellfish stew as an appetizer. This dish really hit the spot for her. I could hear her raving about it, while I was busy enjoying my colorful persimmon-less salad. Of course, I stole a spoonful of her stew (maybe even more than just a spoonful). It was killer. It had the perfect consistency and a bountiful collection of seafood, including fish, shrimp, lobster, clams, and scallops.



I’ve always said that it’s the bread that makes the sandwich. Good bread is key to a good sandwich. Livestock Tavern nailed it with their bread selection for their braised beef tongue sandwich, which was also filled with grilled onion, provolone, and a serving of beef tongue au jus on the side. And those French fries, my goodness, those french fries.



She decided on the Maine lobster roll. Great choice. Taking a bite from her lobster roll instantly took me back to the first time that I had a legit lobster roll in New England, Boston to be specific. The roll at Livestock Tavern was meaty, with buttery chunks of lobster tail, claw, and knuckle. The grilled bread wasn’t too shabby either. On the side, a heaping serving of housemade potato chips. Highly recommend.



I’ll definitely be back to Livestock Tavern, probably sooner rather than later. It’s that good.

Livestock Tavern
49 North Hotel Street (Corner of Smith & Hotel Streets)
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817