Lucky Belly: A Modern and Chic Ramen Bar In Downtown Honolulu

Lucky Belly or Downbeat Diner? It took us two days to decide, but eventually, we chose to indulge in ramen from Lucky Belly. Located on North Hotel Street, Lucky Belly is part of a new wave of restaurants that has been invading Downtown Honolulu. When I first walked in and took a look at the menu, I was reminded of David Chang’s immensely popular Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City’s East Village. Think indulgent pork belly bao, gyoza, and, of course, irresistible ramen.

Here’s the single page lunch menu. They keep things simple at Lucky Belly.


Ryan ordered a frothy drink…


These little devils are the pork belly bao with sake hoisin & pickled cucumber.


Shrimp gyoza with edamame avocado puree & ponzu.



Recently, I’ve been on a salad binge. This is Lucky Belly’s Beets & Spicy Greens. Candied pumpkin seeds & pomegranate dressing added kick to this salad.


And here’s the beets with goat cheese. I could eat this all day long. So good. In fact, I was still thinking about and talking about this salad days after eating it.


Work it.


Hello Mr. Barbecue Pork Wrap with edamame fried rice & kim chee.



Someone chose a bento box over Ramen.


This guy. And then he took a photo of it.


Now on to the ramen. This is the shrimp kim chee bowl. Looks spicy.



I went with the veggie friendly Lucky Bowl with bean sprouts, soft egg, wakame, sesame seeds, green onion & ginger. That egg was cooked to perfection.


I really enjoyed Lucky Belly. I’ll definitely be back. Hat tip to Exploration: Hawaii attorney #2, Monette, for treating. Feel free to treat us again next time!

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