Enjoying an Old Fashioned at Bethel Street Tap Room

The classic Old Fashioned has been on my mind as of late. Maybe it’s because I stumbled upon the wonderful Old Fashioned 101 website by Martin Doudoroff. Maybe it’s all those episodes of Mad Men that I’ve been watching on Netflix. In any case, my friends and I decided to experience an Old Fashioned at the recently opened Bethel Street Tap Room. My good friend Ryan would be flying back to Boston, currently 16 degrees Fahrenheit, and so a final drink was in order.

Here’s Bethel Street Tap Room’s version of the Old Fashioned. I had romanticized the idea of enjoying my Old Fashioned with a single large ice cube. Alas, it was not meant to be.


A standard collection of whiskey.


This is Ryan. He is probably thinking about how, in a few hours, he’ll have to leave the beautiful tropical weather of Hawaii for, well, winter in Boston, Massachusetts.


At least he has his Old Fashioned. Sip courageously, son.


Beers on tap.


Did I mentioned that inside the bar is a mini cupcake bar?


Let Them Eat Cupcakes occupies a small corner of Bethel Street Tap Room.


Perplexed. Why leave Hawaii, again?


I lied. The Old Fashioned wasn’t all that we had. We had one more drink. I asked co-owner, Karen Winpenny, for the bar’s signature drink. She engineered for us the Tap Room’s famous Dirty Pickle. The pickles are made in house.


Mmm, Mmm, Good.