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Visiting The Tragic Puu Pehe – Lanai’s Sweetheart Rock

Puu Pehe, also referred to by locals as The Sweetheart Rock, is one of Lanai’s most iconic landmarks. Located just off of the southern coastline, Puu Pehe is situated between Manele Bay and Hulupoe Bay. The 80-feet islet is roughly a 45 minute walk from the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay.

The story of Puu Pehe is a tragic one. According to Legend, a young Hawaiian warrior from Lanai captured a beautiful princess from the island of Maui, whom he would marry. Afraid that other men would be taken by her beauty, the warrior hid the princess in a sea cave near Puu Pehe. One day, a Kona storm caused the weather to change drastically, and the beautiful princess drowned in the sea cave. Heartbroken, the warrior carried the princess to the top of Puu Pehe where he buried her. Stricken with grief, the warrior took his own life by jumping to his death from the top of Puu Pehe.

You won’t be able to see Puu Pehe from the Four Seasons at Manale Bay, however, getting to the Sweetheart Rock shouldn’t be too difficult. Facing the ocean from the resort, you’ll walk left along the coastline. From the distance, you’ll actually be able to see a set of metal stairs along the coastline cliffs that seem to rise out of the ocean. You’ll be walking toward this general location.


Beyond this beach were some really nice tide pools. It was deserted and I went skinny dipping here. Don’t tell.


Walk up a short hill.


And just beyond Hulupoe Bay, you’ll get your first peak at Puu Pehe.


We had the hike and the Sweetheart Rock all to ourselves.


Looking down the cliff.


Walk further up along the cliffs and you’ll get a close-up view of Puu Pehe.


Some people like to get married at this exact spot, overlooking the Sweetheart Rock. The irony is in the tragedy.


Looking back towards Manele Bay and the Four Seasons.





No tragedy here, just an old fashioned fun time. And luckily for this princess from Oahu, I didn’t stick her in some sea cave.


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