Heavenly Island Lifestyle: A New Cafe at the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

Ever since I fell in love with Goofy Cafe & Dine, I’ve been looking forward to their sister restaurant opening at the Shoreline Hotel in Waikiki. Heavenly has been open for nearly two months now, and we finally had a chance to taste their menu. We actually tried to swing by during opening day, which they had posted about either on Instagram or Facebook, I can’t remember. As we casually walked into the small cafe, construction workers were still making last minute adjustments, a florist was busy dropping off flowers, and designers were still figuring what went where. Apparently, we had showed up a day early. It took us nearly two months to find our way back to Seaside Avenue. Hopefully, they had worked out their opening day kinks.

Heavenly is open daily from 7am to midnight, with a short two-hour break from 3-5pm, between lunch and dinner. Of course, we showed up for their breakfast offerings. I decided on the Shinsato Pork Belly Eggs Benedict with kale and sweet potato. The eggs benedict were decent. It took a while for it to come out, and when it did, the dish was a bit on the less-than-warm side, as if it had been sitting out for a while. I found this a bit weird considering that her dish came out at least ten minutes prior. That said, I did enjoy the hollandaise sauce, which wasn’t too overpowering. The Shinsato pork belly was a bit of a disappointment, though. Maybe I should have gone with the kalua pork eggs benedict instead? The slices of pork was a bit on the thin side. I like my pork cut thick. Think Goma Tei thick. The hearty portion of kale was great, but I wish that they had included a couple more slices of sweet potato.

On the side, I ordered a small Dream Smoothie. The dream smoothie was a heavenly concoction of almond milk, mango, dates, banana, and vanilla. It was served in a mason jar with a cute little tag attached. Great attention to detail.

She enjoyed Heavenly’s healthy take on the beloved local favorite, the loco moco. The runny sunny side up eggs were cooked to perfection, and the beef patty was tasty and juicy. Both of these loco moco standards topped a hefty serving of brown rice, veggies, and beans. One notable missing ingredient was the gravy. What? A loco moco without gravy? Blasphemy, right? Not so fast. Heavenly’s version of the loco moco, surprisingly, managed to survive without it.

I’ll be back to visit Heavenly. Their sweet dishes caught my attention, including the acai and honey french toast. Above all, I am mostly looking forward to trying more of their vibrant smoothies, which, like Goofy’s, are ace.

Heavenly Island Life Style
Shoreline Hotel Waikiki
342 Seaside Ave
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