CabaRAE, The Hottest and Sexiest Show In Town!

CabaRAE is definitely a show-stopper, bringing sexy back to Waikiki with feats of strength, aerial artistry, comedy, song, and dance. The performers, coming from countries such as Austria, Canada, Russia, France, and the United States, kept the audience engaged throughout the show with their “Random Acts of Entertainment.”

Peter Pitofsky does a lot of slapstick comedy, which had many of the children in the audience shrieking with laughter. His impressions of Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro, and Sylvester Stallone were also spot on!



Genevieve Landry and Maxime Clabaut, The Ssens Duo, were nothing short of spectacular on the trapeze.



Ludivine Furnon looked like a graceful ballerina, showing off her gymnastic prowess on the pole.



Manuela Horn really personified the image of a yodeling dominatrix.



I laughed the most during this part of the show when she hand-picked 5 males from the audience to actively participate in her act. This almost 7-footer asking them to lift her 6 feet into the air was just hilarious! And even more so when she started cracking the whip!


The Skating Willers, Wanda Azzario-Goldberg and Jean-Pierre Poissonet, had our hearts racing with their high-energy, acrobatic roller-skating.


Richard DeFonzo channeled Liza Minnelli in his emotional production.


Aerial strap artist, Ryan James, amazed us with his athleticism and physique.


Nicolas Besnard and Ludivine Furnon captivated the audience with their showcase of strength and balance.




Craig Reid, known as Craig the Incredible Hula Boy, looked like an Elvis impersonator with the baby face of the boy’s image of Bob’s Big Boy. Behind all that cuteness, though, is a hula hoop extraordinaire. A memorable scene during his performance was when he had an absurd amount of hula hoops around his body and arched back to make the hoops look like a slinky!




These performances are actually just a sneak peak of what they have in store later this summer after their custom-built showroom is completed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Take note that though the show is PG-13, I’m not quite sure if parents should bring their younger children to the show. Some acts were definitely too sexy for children to watch!

Hilton Hawaiian Village
Tapa Ballroom
For tickets and more information, call 808-354-0629.

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