Hawaii The 50th State: A Vintage Film from 1959

I stumbled across this neat little vintage promotional film about Hawaii a few days. The short, 10-minute film, was produced by Hearst Metrotone News in 1959. It’s interesting to see how the city of Honolulu looked back then. The video offers a glimpse into bustling downtown Honolulu, emphasizing how the streets in the city are “typically American.”

The video, which was apparently filmed prior to Hawaii becoming a state, also featured a very young Daniel Inouye, Hawaii’s first representative to the United States Congress. The very end of the film caught me by surprise. The narrator ends the film with the following statement:

“Statehood does not change Hawaii as much as it changes the United States. Differences of race, religion, and culture are enrichments for all Americans. It is possible that someday a President of the United States will call Hawaii its home. Perhaps, he is one of the students at the University.”

Of course, we now know that our current President, Barack Obama, was born and raised in Honolulu, just two years after Hawaii became a state. Although he did not attend the University of Hawaii, both his father and mother, Barack Obama, Sr. and Ann Dunham, did attend the University of Hawaii.

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