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Look Who Just Turned 3!

Three years of blogging about hiking in Hawaii has zipped by so very fast. We’ve documented over 215+ different hikes across the State of Hawaii. What’s even more amazing is that we’ve gone beyond just blogging about hiking in Hawaii. Over the last year, we started covering various local and cultural events (thanks Marvin) and the Hawaii food and restaurant scene. As always, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on photography, and providing you with the best narrative and advice possible. We love sharing our experiences with all of you.

The site has grown tremendously since we first opened up shop. For an independent blog that’s pretty much run by myself and Marvin, that’s a huge deal. We’re stoked that our readers keep coming back. It also looks like you’ve been sharing us with your friends, too. Thank you.

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By Coty

Founder of Exploration: Hawaii. Adventure, Minimalism, Vinyl, Typography, and Coffee + Matcha. A single space after a period, please.

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