A Walk Through Kawainui Marsh

Tucked away in the ahupuaa of Kailua lies Kawainui Marsh. Over 4000 years ago, this marsh was an inland sea, which later became a sandbar. Eventually, that sandbar turned into the town of Kailua that we know of today. Ancient Hawaiians once utilized Kawainui as a freshwater fishpond. Today, state and federal personnel are working together to restore the surrounding habitat. Kawainui is home to four endangered species of marsh birds, including the aeo, or Hawaiian stilt. The gravel trail isn’t much of hike, but it is an experience. Keep your eye out for the endangered birds, gawk at Mount Olomana, and bask in the quiet setting.


Alan Wong’s: An Essential Fine Dining and Hawaii Regional Cuisine Experience In Honolulu

Hawaii Regional Cuisine is a relatively new concept that was coined in 1991 by twelve fledgling island chefs, including notables such as Sam Choy, Philippe Padovani, Roy Yamaguchi, George Mavrothalassitis, Peter Merriman, and of course, Alan Wong. The idea was to develop a style of cooking that borrowed from the various local culinary influences and ethnic flavors found in Hawaii.

Beaches Photography

A View of the Sunset from Queen’s Surf Beach

It’s called Queen’s Surf Beach because it used to be the site of Queen Liliuokalani’s personal beach house. Indeed, this Waikiki beach has a very rich history. On a lazy Wednesday, I plopped down on the beach with my good buddy Ryan, who was visiting from Boston. We set up shop at around 11am. We did take two breaks from the cool beach water for a quick lunch at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, and then a few hours later for Mai Tai’s and Blue Hawaii’s from Tiki’s Bar & Grill. We didn’t leave Waikiki till close to 8pm. I haven’t bummed out at the beach this long for a long time. I won’t lie, it felt good. Soaking up Hawaii is definitely good for the soul. Just remember to apply sunscreen first.