bills Sydney – Featuring Creamy Scrambled Eggs and Fluffy Hotcakes

Bill Granger, owner of bills Sydney, has restaurants in Australia, the U.K., and Japan.  This Australian celebrity chef opened his first restaurant when he was just 22 years of age. He recently opened a new “bills” restaurant on Oahu, which is the first U.S. location. Dubbed as the “egg master of Sydney” by the New York Times, he has brought his take on “barefoot-from-the-beach” dining concept to the tourist mecca of Hawaii known as Waikiki.

On a lazy Sunday morning, we made our way into Waikiki. Deja vu set in, as we were just on Kalakaua Avenue the night before for the 12th Annual Spam Jam. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful sunny day and the streets were not crowded at all with people or cars.

However, that nice, warm feeling subsided for a bit when I found out that parking across the street at the Bank of Hawaii building cost $6 even with validation from the restaurant. Too bad we didn’t luck out on street parking. I suppose that’s the price for dining in Waikiki.

bills Sidney (yes, it is spelled with a lower case “b”) occupies two floors at their Beachwalk location. The cafe downstairs has a coffee bar with take-away items; upstairs has table service. The two different floors have different menus. More than just a breakfast spot, the restaurant also offers lunch and dinner.

We did not get to check out their downstairs area, but upon walking up the flight of stairs, we were greeted with a bright, open area with extremely high ceilings. The wood paneling and plush sofas added to the rustic, laid back atmosphere.

He started off with the homemade lemonade.


I tried the rosehip and mint punch, which was quite refreshing and pretty to look at. It looked so attractive that the table next to us put in an order for it after seeing my drink delivered to me. I only wish that it had more mint infused into it.


I’ve read people raving about the famous ricotta hotcakes, so I had to order them. After the first bite, I started raving about them, too! They were fluffy and tasty!



Ricotta hotcakes served with honeycomb butter and bananas.


He ordered the full Aussie breakfast, which had scrambled organic eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, cumin roast tomato, miso mushrooms, and pork and fennel sausage.


The eggs were luscious and creamy! It’s true, Bill Granger is the master of eggs.  However, the bacon seemed more like a strip of ham. Perhaps, that’s what bacon is for Australians. The mushrooms were seasoned well, but for some reason, were not reminiscent of miso. Still a very tasty dish overall.



If you’re up to foregoing the typical American breakfast fare, check out bills Sydney. They send you off with a postcard, too…


bills Sydney
280 Beachwalk Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815