Bird’s-Eye View From The Makapuu Bunkers

Lazy Saturday, means lazy hiking day. And in Hawaii, it doesn’t get any lazier than the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail. It’s paved all the way up to the lookout. However, there are a couple of exciting variations to Makapuu. The last time that Exploration: Hawaii was up there, we had the very unique and rare opportunity to visit the inside of the lighthouse, and then took a backside route to Pele’s Chair. It was spectacular, and we even unleashed the Animal Heads Super Team to the world.

This time around, I decided to explore a few of the nearby Makapuu bunkers. Before heading to the bunkers, I opted to checkout the lighthouse.






Next, was a quick stop to the official lookout. I didn’t spend much time there, it was way too crowded for my liking.


Off to the bunkers! From the top of the bunkers, you get amazing views of the Windward Coast. From this bunker, you get a straight ahead view of Manana Island, better known as Rabbit Island.






Turn to the right, and you’ll get a distant view of the Makapuu lighthouse. At the top of that cliff is the official lookout.



To the left, you have the Makai Research Pier, a test facility for underwater equipment and instrumentation. The pier is run by the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Also spotted a few of these daredevils floating above Makapuu Beach.




A few more bunkers to check out.





One final look at the lighthouse before heading home.


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  1. I found this website to be most helpful, thanks. I am going to be in Waikiki 4/14-4/22 and I plan to do a lot of hiking. I am a pretty good hiker but my 20 and 17 year old sons don’t hike much so I don’t want to take them to the difficult “legal” entrance to the stairs as I don’t think they would appreciate it. I almost would rather risk being caught by guard and paying a fine to take stairs. I will plan on going very early. Take rain gear and water, etc.. I do not know anyone in Oahu locally unfortunately. Everyone says to have a local go with you. We are traveling to Oahu for the first time to see a Jack White concert on the 15th (last concert of US tour). I have an extra ticket to the show for anyone that is willing to spend a day with us and getting up the stairs and maybe sharing some Hawaiin culture and other cool hikes on the island. We are laid back fun family. I am a critical care nurse and have hiking experience. email me with any ideas.

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