Goofy Cafe & Dine: Featuring A Japanese Influenced And Locally Sourced Menu

Goofy Cafe & Dine is located just in front of Hilton’s Grand Waikikian Suites, in a two-story wooden structure, just off of Ala Moana Boulevard. The small cafe is located in the second-story space that the Fat Greek once occupied. Goofy Cafe & Dine is definitely an upgrade from the Fat Greek, in terms of food, ambiance, and atmosphere.

The first thing that you’ll notice when entering Goofy is the friendly staff. When our table was ready and they called our names, we were simultaneously greeted with a barrage of “alohas.” It actually sounded more like “aroha” since a handful of the wait staff were native Japanese. That was OK with us, since any form of aloha is a good thing.

The restaurant is located on what seems like an extended lanai facing mauka. Those that sit on the edge of the restaurant will have a bird’s eye view of Ala Moana Boulevard and the tall buildings that make up Waikiki.

To start, I had the Green Veggie Juice. The official name of this drink is Today’s Green Veggie Juice, presumably because the vegetables are sourced locally, and the ingredients of the juice might change based on what is available. With the first sip, I could tell that kale was a major ingredient. Also mixed in were apples, spinach and chia seeds. The Green Veggie Juice was a delight, despite being on the thick and chunky side. Who would have guessed that I would claim “yum” after slurping up a straw full of liquid vegetables, but I did, and I was sincere about it.

Worried that the Green Veggie Juice was almost too healthy, I countered that with the atherosclerosis inducing Big Island Beef Loco Moco. I’m no Loco Moco slouch. I’ve had my fair share of this quintessential Hawaii dish. For semesters, I honed my Loco Moco eating skills as a University of Hawaii student. Hey, their $2 Loco Moco was the best deal on campus.

Goofy’s Loco Moco is no $2 Loco Moco. The Big Island Beef Loco Moco is priced at $14 and features two Big Island ground beef patties, 2 local farm eggs cooked sunny side up, and rice ( I chose white, but brown rice is also available). Of course, it wouldn’t be a loco moco if it wasn’t smothered in gravy. And smothered in homemade gravy it is. In fact, it was the gravy that really made this dish shine. I could definitely taste the Japanese influence on the brown gravy, with it being more of a curry with caramelized onions. Without the egg, this would be Japanese hanbāgu, or, the Japanese take on salisbury steak. With the two sunny side up eggs, the dish was officially upgraded to Loco Moco status. This Loco Moco did not disappoint. The beef patties were juicy and the runny eggs oozzed perfectly on the gravy covered rice.

“I had actually wanted to order their Shinsato pork belly eggs benedict, but sadly, they were out. I opted for the kalua pork eggs benedict instead, which came with a choice of wheat or taro muffin, of which I chose the latter.

The poached eggs that sat over the bed of tender kalua pork, which were resting on the split taro muffin, were so plump and the hollandaise sauce made with lilikoi butter was fantastic. I also enjoyed the side of Okinawan sweet potato, which I would gladly trade for the usual potato chunks that are served with typical breakfast fare. The side of kale, which was lightly dressed, added a nice crunch and freshness to round out the dish.

I also ordered their island tropical iced tea, which I would have preferred to be a bit more sweetened, but I could definitely taste the hint of “tropical fruits” in it. But, I did note some interesting tea sodas on their menu, which I’ll definitely try on my next visit – plantation, peach, guava, and passion fruit.”

The waiters at Goofy’s were great. They were quick to take our orders, but, more importantly, they were very friendly. The food was also served very quickly, despite the restaurant being full to capacity. The Green Veggie Juice came out within five minutes of placing the order, and our main dishes were in front of us about ten minutes later. The vibe at Goofy Cafe & Dine was great. Looking around, we could sort of tell that we were the only locals. Despite this, Goofy’s didn’t really feel like a tourist trap. The atmosphere was laid back, music was on the right volume, and conversation voices were fairly mellow. That said, I can’t wait to come back. I’ve yet to try their Acai Bowl (looking forward to that) and their papaya juice (made with Kahuku papaya). Collectively, we both would also like to try their dinner menu. My last piece of advice for the new Goofy’s Cafe & Dine? Stay goofy, because you’re doing a great job.

Food Rating: 4/5
Ambiance Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 4/5

Goofy Cafe & Dine
1831 Ala Moana Blvd
Ste 201
Honolulu, HI 96815