Onomea Falls: An Attractive Waterfall Off Of Old Mamahaloa Way

Looking to waste sometime before our flight home during a recent trip to the Big Island, Michelle and I visited the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. I sold Michelle on the colorful, tropical fauna. All I really wanted see was Onomea Falls. The waterfall itself is very easy to access. It’s actually one of the first attractions that you’ll encounter as you work your way downhill and through the botanical garden.

According to garden signage, Dan┬áLutkenhouse purchased the 17-acre property that the botanical garden sits on in the 1970’s. At the time, the valley was a dense jungle. Lutkenhouse would spend eight years carving out the various trails that would make up the garden. During this time, he found a waterfall that he would later go on to name Onomea Falls. The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden opened in 1984.

My expectations for the garden weren’t that high. However, in the end, I enjoyed the garden as a whole more than I did Onomea Falls alone. This was a fun and impromptu excursion that surprised us both. I’ll probably be posting a separate post on the garden, which will include photos of the tropical fauna and more of its scenic points.






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