Hawaii’s Spectacular Volcano Eruptions: A Vintage Film From The 1960’s

If this footage from photographer and videographer, Fred Rackle, left you wanting more, well, I’ve got more for you. I stumbled on this great, vintage film from the 1960’s, titled Hawaii’s Spectacular Valcono Eruptions, by photographer Art Carter. In fact, Rackle is credited with helping with the video. The narration is great, but the video is even better. At one point, they show video of Kilauea Iki spewing a fountain of over 1,900 feet in height. Try to imagine lava being spewed over 1900 feet in the air. I’d love to see that in real life. The final six minutes shows video of the eruption in Puna, Big Island. There’s one aerial shot of the town, and you can see not too far behind (probably less than a mile), the volcano erupting. It’s an unbelievable sight that has to be seen to be believed. What an amazing time to have lived in Hawaii.

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  1. This video takes me back in the days when I was in elementary school – when the kapuna would visit bi-monthly to teach you about a’a, pahoehoe, and all the wonderful things non-hawaiian people didn’t know.

    • Yup, those were the days! By the way, I only know one Sissy Jean, and that Sissy went to Kapalama Elementary. Is this Sissy Jean from Kapalama?

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