Maui: The Valley Isle – A Short Film by Dominic Boudreault

Dominic Boudreault captured the island of Maui beautifully in this short film, so much so that I want to book a ticket to Maui. Wait, that ticket is booked. And I leave this week. Awesome.

“I have been dreaming about discovering the Hawaiian Islands for a long time. For sure, the most isolated inhabited landmass in the world deserves a visit! The only problem was choosing which island I would visit. With its evergreen valleys, volcanoes and outstanding beaches, Maui seemed like the perfect fit for a first encounter. In fact, Maui has it all. From swimming in crystal clear waters to exploring a luxuriant bamboo forest; from snorkeling with exotic fishes to seeing the Milky Way at the top of a crater, the possibilities are endless! Catch a glimpse of the wonders of Maui and let yourself dream about this paradise on Earth.” –Eve Meighen (Dominic’s girlfriend)

Music: The Father’s Heart by Tony Anderson. Buy now from Amazon.

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