The Big Island: A Short Film by Steven Alan

Steven Alan and Ben Boutwell put together an excellent short film of their trip to The Big Island. I absolutely love everything about this video. Also, I think that a visit back to the Big Island is in order. Plus, I dig the soundtrack!

This is our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. We had a lot of fun walking around on top of volcanoes, climbing to the top of Mauna Kea, and cliff diving at the southern most tip of the United States, South Point.

Music: Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford and Sons. Buy now from Amazon.

Download Exploration: Hawaii iPhone Wallpapers (Series 3)

In celebration of Apple’s new iOS 7, we’re proud to release a new set of Exploration: Hawaii wallpapers specifically designed for the new sexy. These wallpapers were made with iOS 7 and its new parallax feature in mind. We think that these wallpapers will compliment the fun colors of the new iPhone 5C. Of course, they will also look dashing on the new iPhone 5S. We’ve also updated Series 2 wallpapers to take full advantage of iOS 7. Download links are at the bottom of the post. We hope that you enjoy!

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Haleakala Backpacking Adventure Night 2: The Sunset, The Milky Way, and Shooting Stars

Second night in Haleakala and the second night of missing my shower at home. What helped, though, was the cool and crisp air. It’s not very humid at this elevation, unlike a typical day in downtown Honolulu. At Paliku cabin, slight showers would come and go. I figured that this was a more than common occurrence, based on the lush, green vegetation.

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The Photography of Brother Bertram Bellinghausen

Over the summer, while exploring the Chaminade University of Honolulu campus, I stumbled upon a tucked away gallery of photos. The gallery was titled Photographic Images of the Kingdom of Hawaii on the Threshold of Annexation and features the photography of Brother Bertram Bellinghausen. Brother Bertram was born in Bonn, Germany, and first stepped foot on Hawaii soil on September 3, 1883. Brother Bertram was a part of the first group of Marianists who came to Hawaii in 1883 to staff and administer St. Louis College founded by the Sacred Heart Fathers in 1846. In 1957, the college was renamed Chaminade College and then again in 1977 when it became Chaminade University of Honolulu. Brother Bertram would take the seat as the first director of the then new Saint Louis College.

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8 Exposures Vol. 3: Hands On With A Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

I recently pulled the trigger on a camera that I’ve been wanting for some time now. No, not the latest Canon or Nikon DSLR, instead, the Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera, originally released in 1972. The SX-7o is considered to be the crowning achievement of Polaroid founder, Edward H. Land. In fact, according to photography and Polaroid enthusiast, Georg Holderied, the SX-70 is one of the “most sophisticated consumer articles ever made. It is the down to earth equivalent of the Hubble space telescope.” Intense words for a gnarly camera. Intrigued by its unique hardware and foldable design, I took the SX-70 our for a spin during a recent camping trip at Bellows Field Beach Park, located on a beautiful stretch of beach in Waimanalo. Impossible PX 100 Silver Shade Cool Film film was used.

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We’re Back With A New Host!

If you’re seeing this post, then you’re viewing Exploration: Hawaii from its new host, MediaTemple! It’s been two years since this blog went live, and since then we’ve outgrown our previous hosting service, Dreamhost. They were an okay host, but I would often find that site load times would slow to a snail’s pace whenever there was a spike in traffic. And recently, we’ve been seeing lots of traffic spikes, thanks to you guys. I made the switch to MediaTemple because I know that they are a reliable host with top-notch service. I’ve been using them to host my other blog since 2010 and they’ve been great.

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Maunawili Ditch Trail: The State’s Only Designated Horse Trail

The Maunawili Ditch Trail is a short loop trail located in the back of Waimanalo at the end of Waikupanaha Street. I’ll cut to the chase with this trail. It’s boring. This sanctioned maintained trail doesn’t offer much of a challenge, nor does it offer any type of reward at the end. There is no spectacular lookout point or tall waterfall. It’s a foothill hike and not much more. This might be the only trail that you’ll step on in which you’ll be outnumbered by mountain bikers and even horses. Yes, horses. The Maunawili Ditch Trail is the only Na Ala Hele state maintained trail that allows for horseback riding. And yes, we did encounter a horseback rider.

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8 Exposures Vol. 2: Kaiwa Ridge and Bunkers

Took the ol’ Polaroid (Cool Cam 600) with me to Kaiwa Ridge, affectionately known as the Lanikai Pillbox trail. Yes, it’s a crowded trail, but you can’t really argue with the views. Unfortunately for me and my Polaroid, we did the trail early in the morning. Why, unfortunate? The film that I used (Impossible Project PX 680 Color Protection) is very sensitive to light and so it didn’t mix very well with the sun, which would be facing us the entire hike up. You’ll notice that the colors are a lot more muted this time around, compared to those from Volume 1. Whatever subject I tried to focus on, became a silhouette because of the sun light. And although I knew this would be the case, I shot anyway. Luckily, of the 8 exposures, I did have a favorite, “Girl with a ballerina dress and a teddy bear.” I love that shot.

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