How To Prepare For Your Haleakala Backpacking Trip

Backpacking through Haleakala Crater is not something that you want to do haphazardly. Careful planning is involved in order to make sure that both you and your crew are fully prepared. In this post, I discuss in detail how we went about planning for our Haleakala backpacking trip. First, some things to note. This was my first time backpacking through the crater. However, we did have one person in our crew that has backpacked through Haleakala on multiple occasions.

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5 Great Kid Friendly Hiking Trails on Oahu

One of the most frequent email questions that I receive from Exploration: Hawaii readers is: “What are some kid friendly hiking trails on Oahu?” This post will help to answer that question. First of all, I will disregard the three hikes that both you and your children probably have already done: Diamond Head, Makapuu Light House, and the Manoa Falls Trail. Of course, these three hikes are definitely good options if you haven’t already completed them. I’d like to focus a bit on the more obscure, or out-of-the-way trails. It’ll add to your child’s sense of adventure, and maybe get them hooked on the outdoors. You’ve been warned.

NOTE: none of the trails listed below are probably appropriate for infants or toddlers. These are NOT the kind of hikes meant for infants or toddlers. I’d probably say kids 10 and older can manage the trails below, but of course, you, the parent, is the best judge of whether or not your child can hike the trails listed below. Try these hikes first: Diamond HeadMakapuu Light House, and the Manoa Falls Trail, before you try the ones listed below. I have no hikes to suggest for those looking to hike with an infant or toddler in a hiking backpack. 

With that said, here are 5 great kid friendly hikes on Oahu. Below each description, I provide estimates for time and distance, a few tips, and trailhead directions. Each of these hikes were also previously mentioned in depth here and I have provided links to those posts as well. Before you venture out on any of these hikes, please review these tips on hiking safely in Hawaii. Have a suggestion for a great kid friendly hike? Leave it in the comments!

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An Impromptu Trip To Haleakala and the View From Pa Kaoao (White Hill)

Decisions, decisions. Decisions can be tough, but they have to be made. During a recent getaway to Maui’s Grand Wailea to celebrate my birthday, I was given the rough task of figuring out what to do for the last day of our visit. The options were tough, either a drive up to Haleakala National Park to see the sunset or a drive through the waterfall filled Hana Highway. Sometimes, the decisions that we have to make in life are rough.

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Short Stroll on Kaiwa Ridge To The Lanikai Pillboxes

It’s Flashback Friday! This is another one of those hikes that our crew did a while ago, but never found its way to the Exploration: Hawaii blog. This Flashback Friday post brings us way back to August 2012. Located in the beautiful and affluent town of Lanikai, the “pillbox” hike, as it is known by the locals, is a short but scenic climb up Kaiwi Ridge. Once you reach the ridge line, in less than 10 minutes, you’ll begin to understand why this is such a popular hike amongst locals. The views are breathtaking. Directly in front of you is Lanikai Beach, and in the distance are two distinct islands affectionately know as “Moke’s,” which is short for Mokulua Islands.

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Kayak and Hike to Kauai’s Secret Falls Also Known As Uluwehi Falls

A combination kayak and hike to a waterfall would be the final adventure of our recent Kauai Waterfall Trip (see Wailua Falls, Hoopii Falls). We actually had this planned for earlier in the week, however, flash flood warnings kept kayakers out of the Wailua Stream. Hey, safety first! This was the only adventure during this trip that we hired a guide for, mainly because of unfamiliarity with the area. We decided on Wailua Kayak Tours.

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