Download Exploration: Hawaii iPhone Wallpapers (Series 2)

We’ve got some fresh iPhone 5 (and 4/S) wallpapers for our favorite Exploration: Hawaii readers to download and use. Each of the four designs are bold, fun, and designed to bring out the explorer in all of us. The four new wallpapers feature the photography of the four core members of the Exploration: Hawaii crew, and includes the iconic views from Haleakala (photo by Coty), an epic sunrise from Hanauma Bay (photo by Ahnate), a turtle and his shadow (photo by Joel), and finally a stunning night shot taken in historic Waikiki (photo by Marvin). Download links are at the bottom of the post. We hope that you enjoy!

You slept in and missed the sunrise. The "Always Be Epic" wallpaper has you covered. Always wondered what it's like to be at the top of Haleakala? Wonder no more with the "Keep Exploring" wallpaper.

You slept in and missed the sunrise. The “Always Be Epic” wallpaper has you covered. Always wondered what it’s like to be at the top of Haleakala? Wonder no more with the “Keep Exploring” wallpaper.

"Stay Rad" like this turtle and don't forget to "Enjoy The Little Things."

“Stay Rad” like this turtle and don’t forget to “Enjoy The Little Things.”

Download iPhone 5 Wallpapers

[download id=”16″ format=”1″]

[download id=”17″ format=”1″]

[download id=”18″ format=”1″]

[download id=”19″ format=”1″]

Download iPhone 4/S Wallpapers

[download id=”20″ format=”1″]

[download id=”21″ format=”1″]

[download id=”22″ format=”1″]

[download id=”23″ format=”1″]


Instructions:┬áTo install an Exploration: Hawaii wallpaper on your iPhone, simply tap on one of the download links above using your iPhone. The full resolution wallpaper will now load, tap and hold on the image and click Save Image. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and tap “Brightness & Wallpaper”. You can now select set your wallpaper for either your lock screen, home screen, or both. Alternatively, you can download the wallpaper, then set the wallpaper and lock screen setting from within the “Photos” app.

The above Exploration: Hawaii downloads are offered free of charge, meaning, you can use the materials provided here as many times as you would like. However, I do ask that you DO NOT repost the actual project files on other websites. It would be better if you simply linked back to this particular blog post on Exploration: Hawaii! It’s good karma for you and it’ll make me super happy to see the linkback!

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