Ahuena Heiau: The Personal Home of King Kamehemeha the Great and His Place of Death

Ahuena Heiau sits in Kamakahonu Bay in the historic Kailua Village on the Big Island. Michelle and I recently had the chance to visit this temple that served Kamehameha the Great when he returned to the Big Island in 1812. According to the official Ahuena Heiau website, three significant events occurred here. First, in 1910, Native Hawaiian’s mourned the loss of their King, as Kamehameha The Great died inside of the heiau. Second, it was here that Liholiho (Kamehameha II) broke the ancient kapu system (taboos that provided the framework for traditional Hawaiian government). Third, the first Christian missionaries traveled from New England and came ashore here in 1820.

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Thank You x 100,000

It’s been about a year-and-a-half since Exploration: Hawaii was founded and we’ve hit a pretty awesome milestone, 100,000 views! That means that 100,000 pairs of eyeballs have seen, scrolled, flicked, and swiped through the Exploration: Hawaii website. We’d like to thank the die-hard readers (you know who you are) who regularly come back and visit the site to see what we’ve been up to. You are the ones who drive this website and push us to keep delivering interesting content to help keep you adventurous. So, Thank You x 100,000.

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A Memorable Hike with Local Author Stuart Ball

I rarely hike a trail twice. This is becoming increasingly difficult, though, as I complete more and more of Oahu’s hiking trails. In search of a unique hike to do, I began skimming through the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club’s (HTMC) outing schedule. I noticed that local author, Stuart Ball, would be leading a hike to Puu O Hulu. Without hesitation, I decided to revisit this little puu on the Waianae Coast that looms over Maili, with the added benefit of being able to pick the mind of a local hiking and backpacking legend.

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Kaunala Loop Trail: Part Hiking Trail and Part Dirt Road

The Kaunala Loop Trail, located in Pupukea on the North Shore, is an interesting hike. Some might classify only half of this trail as a hike, with the other half being walking on an excruciatingly long and boring road. Okay, maybe the walk down the road isn’t that excruciating, but, for some reason, when it’s asphalt my feet is walking on, I tend to get tired (probably from boredom) very quickly. Not to say that the entirety of this hike was boring, it wasn’t. In fact, it had its share of pleasant delights.

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10 Useful iPhone Apps for Hiking and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Apple App Store offers mobile consumers the opportunity to access a library of apps that allow you to do a wide range of things, from farting-on-command, to finding a nearby restaurant, to even translating foreign languages. But are there any apps for the outdoor enthusiasts? Sure, of course there is. There are a ton. However, one of the problems of such a vast library of apps is sorting through the bunch and finding the ones that are best for you. I might not be able to tell you which apps are best for you, but I can surely share with you some of my favorite hiking/outdoor apps for the iPhone. Here are ten:

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A Visit to the Multi-Tiered Waimano Waterfall and Pools

It’s Flashback Friday! This is another one of those hikes that our crew did a while ago, but never found its way to the Exploration: Hawaii blog. This Flashback Friday post brings us way back to December 2011. As with other Flashback Friday posts, you won’t find as much detailed trail information because, well, I’ve for the most part forgotten too much detail to fully describe the trail. Of course, you can still enjoy the photos!

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Palehua-Palikea: A Restricted Hike Featuring Native Hawaiian Plants, Snails, and Spiders

Palehua has been on my to-do list for over a year now. It’s one of those hikes on the island that is very difficult to gain access to. The trailhead is located at the end of a 6-mile private road that runs through Camp Timberline. Furthermore, the private road is blocked off by two gates. From around 2010-2011, it was reported that one could gain access by getting into contact with the Palehua Ranch caretaker, who would then go ahead and give you the necessary keys to access the trailhead. This is no longer the case. Don’t bother trying, because I’ve been there and have tried that. I contacted the caretakerĀ and he told me that the public is now only allowed on the trail during coordinated hikes. He told me to text him my email and he would send me information for the next hike. He never got back to me. However, I did look up the hiking schedule of the two official hiking clubs on the island, the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club and the Sierra Club. Bingo.

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