Kahtoola MICROspikes and a T-Shirt

Kahtoola, the brand behind the popular MICROspikes, sent me a tee and some stickers. Thanks guys! MICROspikes were designed by Kahtoola as portable ice traction gear. Think lightweight and easy to put-on crampons. Considering these were made for icy terrain, why would I even mention this product on Exploration: Hawaii. Hawaii isn’t really known for snow, sure, but local hikers have adopted the use of MICROspikes when hiking the muddy terrain of the Koolau Mountain Range and other trails throughout Hawaii.

“This is the best part – the MICROspikes Traction System is one piece and yes, they can fit into your pocket (a bag available). Just slip the spikes over your shoes and the built-in toe bar and flexible elastomer will keep your spikes in place, even when walking or running downhill.”

MICROspikes have also been shown to be useful on waterfall and stream type trails. Some people will attach their MICROspikes to tabis, a rubber/felt shoes, when participating in stream and/or waterfall type hikes.

One issue that I’ve had when using my MICROspikes in Hawaii has been slippage. The MICROspikes have the tendency to slip off of my shoes. Some hikers have “solved” this problem by simply tying the spikes with shoelaces. Not the best solution, but then again, these weren’t really designed for use in mud. Nonetheless, a great product that is useful both in ice and in mud.

Product: Kahtoola Microspikes
Price: $59.95 (REI)

A Kahtoola Tee and Stickers.
A Kahtoola Tee and Stickers.
These are Kahtoola MICROspikes.
These are Kahtoola MICROspikes.


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I bought a pair of these just yesterday to try. Previously, I had used Korkers which are kind of like Microspikes but less portable. I liked the traction they gave in the mud but I did not like how the mud collected on them and how they were so bulky and heavy (and how they gave my blisters).

Hopefully, microspikes (and the carry bag) will solve my problems. Going to buy extra shoe laces too and read more about how others modified them for Hawaiian use. Hope they work. (:

I did the shoelace thing with my spikes, hoping to prevent them from slipping around a bit on my boots or having the chains pull through the rubber holes. However, the laces made it a big pain to put them on AND didn’t help with either problem. Save yourself the trouble and use the money you’d spend on laces on a package of zip ties instead.

(Still love my MicroSpikes though!)

Allison, the zip tie solution sounds really good! You can actually pick up a bag of those things for really cheap at Wal-Mart, or even a place like Home Depot. My problem now is that I can’t even find my MicroSPIKES! Where did it go? I have no idea. I may have to pick up a new pair!

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