Hamama Falls: Follow The Gravel Road To This Restricted Waterfall

Note: Hamama Falls is not open to the public. It is illegal to hike this trail and to do so would be cause for citation or arrest. There is also a risk of falling boulders, landslides, and drowning. As our disclaimer partially reads: “I’m not your daddy, these are dangerous as sh*t hikes, even the simple ones, if you got [insert applicable disorder, disease, or physical impairment] don’t even think about it yo.” Also, consider these tips on Hiking Safely In Hawaii. Mahalo.

Because of the reports of fines, this post has been removed. We discourage people from attempting this hike while it is closed to the public.

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  1. Love Hamama, though when I went it was a little dryer than what I’ve seen in these photos and others. Maybe I’ll go back after a good rain as there’s still another waterfall to see off the main trail called Waihee Falls. It’s supposed to be pretty as well.

    Aloha and thanks again for sharing these wonderful photos.

    • Hey Punynari, yup, we were actually supposed to go looking for Waihee Falls too on the way back from Hamama. We found the junction one the way up and then when we were coming down from Hamama we forgot all about the second falls! Oh well, gives another reason to go back!

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