Pumpkin Picking at the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

Michelle and I made the drive out from town to Kapolei yesterday eager to visit the pumpkin patch at Aloun Farms. It’s been years since we last visited the patch. The last time that we went pumpkin picking must have been pre-2007. How do I know? Easy. I checked my iPhone camera roll and found zero pumpkin photos. And since my iPhone cameral roll contains the memory of everything that I’ve done/seen/touched/tasted since my very first iPhone in 2007 then our last pumpkin adventure must have predated the original iPhone. This post might be about pumpkins, but boy, am I an Apple fan.

Aloun Farms mission is to provide the people of Hawaii with the highest quality of fresh locally grown produce at a price that is not only competitive but comparable to mainland farmers. Our aim is to reduce Hawaii’s dependency on imported produce through increased production enabling us to distribute to wholesalers through out the state.

Aloun Sou founded Aloun Farms in 1977 after immigrating to Hawaii from Laos. Aloun, and his wfe Samphone, foray into farming on Oahu began with 5 acres of land in Lualualei Valley. Since then, the Aloun Farms operation has grown to consist of over 3000 acres of farmland and has become one of the largest distributors of locally grown produce in Hawaii. Since 2000, Aloun Farms has offered Hawaii residents the opportunity to pick their own pumpkins at the annual Aloun Farms pumpkin patch event.

The Aloun Farms pumpkin patch is open until 5pm today (October 28, 2012). There are tons of pumpkins still available for the picking so hurry down if you haven’t already done so. Pro tip, it’s the last day of the annual event so that means that you’ll also be able to pick sunflowers from their sunflower patch for free.

Directions to the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch: To get to the Kapolei Pumpkin Patch from Honolulu you will take H1 west bound toward Ewa. Take exit 5A to merge onto HI-750 S/HI-76 S/Fort Weaver Rd toward Ewa and then take your first exit on the right onto Farrington Highway. Continue on Farrington Highway and you will pass the Aloun Farms baseyard on the right. Look for signs to guide you along Farrington Highway. The Pumpkin Patch will be on the left.

Land of the Mini Guords and Pumpkin
A sea of pumpkins. Can you see Tripler Army Medical Center in the background?
One of the few pumpkins with its stem still attached.
Cart pushin’ daddy.
Center of attention.
That pumpkin weighs 100 bazillion pounds! Strong woman.
Lots of circumcised pumpkins.
Aloun Farms. Thanks for the pumpkins.
Pumpkin boss.
Pumpkin sitter.
Aloun Farms branded pumpkins.
Father and daughter.
Pumpkin fatigue.
Excessive amounts of pumpkins.
Pumpkin patch hay ride.
White pumpkins. They supposedly glow in the dark. Should I be scared?
A lonely white pumpkin.
Running from the pumpkins.
Best friends.
One last pumpkin.

By Coty

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