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Wake Up, We’re Here – The Great American Misadventure

A few weeks ago I posted about Kenji Croman’s awesome Kickstarter Project, Chasing Waves. Well, here’s another Kickstarter project for you to drop some cash on. Trust me, it’ll be worth the 20+ bucks. John Hook and the Analog Sunshine Recorders (ASR), a collective of local Hawaii photographers dedicated to the art of analog (non-digital) photography, plans to travel 3000 miles across America over 18 days to create a 64 page book of roadtrip goodness.

The project goal is to raise $4000, and they easily reached this goal. However, you can still chip in to the cause and earn some goodies for your pledge. For as little as $20 you can score an early edition of the book. Support local. Support the Analog Sunshine Recorders. Check out the Kickstarter project page here.

“Wake Up, We’re Here” will be the first book created by the photo collective the Analog Sunshine Recorders (ASR). Everyone is invited to take the visual journey and follow 8 people with cameras in a single van for 18 days, crossing 3000 miles of the great American Landscape.”

A photographic merry-go-round of 8 people traveling 3,000 miles for 18 days in 1 van to make 1 book.

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