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Chasing Waves by Kenji Croman

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I thought it was a project that was too good to pass up writing about. His name is Kenji Croman and he’s a professional photographer, based in Hawaii, who specializes in wave photography. Kenji loves to shoot waves. He’s also very ambitious. Kenji recently started a Kickstarter project with the hope of traveling to different countries in South America to photograph the perfect wave.

“My goal is to travel with my wife to South America and photograph some of the worlds most beautiful and untouched waves…Most of the waves in South America that I plan to go to have never been seen because of their remote locations, and they certainly have not been photographed the way I would like to do it. Different beaches have different breaks, and each wave is unique. With my experience and my unique style as an artist, I’m confident I’ll be able to photograph these stunning waves in a creative and picturesque way. I also am eager to print these images on metal print, which holds the vibrant colors and gives the images a distinct and realistic feel. I’m looking forward to the adventure and challenge.”

You can view Kenji’s Kickstarter page here. There’s only a few days left for the project on Kickstarter. Support local. Support Kenji.

Wave photography by Kenji Croman.
Wave Photography by Kenji Croman.
Wave Photography by Kenji Croman.
Wave Photography by Kenji Croman.

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