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Hey, It’s Our Birthday!

I’m happy to say that Exploration: Hawaii just turned one! Actually, this happened on the 12th, but who’s keeping track? A lot has happened in the last year. I remember starting this blog after my infamous experience on the Bowman trail en route to Haiku Stairs. I was so excited to share my experience that I had the site up and running in about a day. Since then, the Exploration: Hawaii crew has documented 91 different hikes, all of which you can find on our hikes page. That’s a lot of hiking. That’s also a lot of sweat, mud, laughs, bumps, and bruises.

With that said, Exploration: Hawaii has turned into something more than just a hiking blog. We’ve managed to write about some amazing beaches and underwater adventures, visit ancient Hawaiian relics, review different cruises and catamarans, go ziplining, and even travel to Japan.

What’s in store for the future? Expect a new website logo sometime soon. We’ll continue to work on filling in the gaps on our hikes page. Also, expect more outer-island content. I’d also like to see more guest posts from other Hawaii adventurers. Above all, we’ll continue to do a lot more exploring.

As a birthday gift, please find a specially made wallpaper just for that was designed by yours truly. Other than that, be sure to like us on Facebook, tweet about us, and link back to Exploration: Hawaii. Tell your friends about us and we’ll love you forever.

So until next year, stay chill, Hawaii.

Download the Wallpaper here:

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[download id=”7″ format=”1″] Perfect for owners of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display!

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For sure, I need to get back into hiking shape! Haven’t done a hike since we did our little night time Diamond Head adventure last month!

Thanks Punynari! Likewise, I enjoy checking out your adventures as well! Maybe one day we’ll be able to find some time to enjoy a hike together.

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