Cliff Jumping at Waimea Bay: Extreme Belly Flopping Hawaiian Style

Hi guys. I’m Mike and this is my first post on Exploration: Hawaii. To be perfectly honest, I prefer to do crazy, fun, and adventurous stuff instead of sit in front of a computer and type stuff up. So I’ll keep my posts short. Sound good?

If you like to get your adrenaline pumping, then there’s no better place to do just that than at Waimea Bay. No, don’t go swimming with the sunburnt tourists. Instead, look to your left and you’ll see a giant rock protruding out of the ocean. You’ll also probably see lots of locals jumping off of it. Jump off of that rock and see if you survive. I dare you.

Back flip off of “da big rock” at Waimea Bay. Photo by Mike Armstrong.

Jumping in and praying to God that I don’t break something. Photo by Mike Armstrong.

OMG Belly Flop. Photo by Mike Armstrong.

Yep, I am pretty much Superman in board shorts. Photo by Mike Armstrong.

Directions to Waimea Bay: Get on to Highway H1 West. Continue on H-78 W/H201 W. Take the exit onto H1 W toward Pearl City. Take exit 8A to merge onto H2 N toward Mililani/Wahiawa. Take exit 8 toward Wahiawa and then merge onto S. Kamehameha Highway. Continue on Joseph P. Leong Highway. Make a slight right at Kamehameha Highway. Waimea Bay will be on your left.

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