Hawaii Shark Encounters

I’ve never done the Hawaii Shark Encounters Tour. I’ve always wanted to. And I imagine that I will sometime in the future. Until then, I can live vicariously through this video.

Over the years, there has been much controversy surrounding this tour and similar shark tours. Many local surfers and bodyboarders feel that tours like these attract sharks to the nearby shores. Although it is illegal to feed sharks within three miles of shore, these tours go just beyond this range to throw chum into the water.

Some Native Hawaiians feel as if tours like this desecrate their amakua (ancestral gods).

Last year, three shark tour boats were deliberately set on fire in Haleiwa.

Despite the controversy, tours like the Hawaii Shark Encounters offer interested individuals with a very unique view of this predatory fish. Instead of being on the other side of glass tank, you instead are in the sharks natural environment. I can only imagine how thrilling that would be.

The tour is priced at $105 for adults and $75 for children. Kama’aina and Military personnel receive a special rate of $90. Book your Hawaii Shark Encounter here.

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  1. I did it before !!! i believed 2 years ago……

    It is pretty cool to see sharks swimming around u hahahah
    Just a word of advice if u have bad motion sickness please take those sea sickness pill before you enter….. the waves are pretty rough out there… and i managed to throw up on the sharks…. LOL

    • Yosapon, no way! Lucky! I’ve always wanted to try but have always been just a little bit scared, hah! You took any photos?

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