Kauai: Always Returning by Philip Bloom

I recently stumbled upon an awesome short film shot by Philip Bloom, titled Kauai: Always Returning. The short was shot by Bloom 2 years ago for the Kauai Visitor Information Channel. The footage caught by Bloom is absolutely breathtaking. Bloom was able to capture the essence of Kauai through his camera lens. Oahu might be the island that I call home, but, Kauai is the island that I consider to be the most beautiful. Blooms footage reaffirms this. The footage was shot completely on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (I am sure that if it had been shot today then he would be using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

“So a couple of days ago I took it out for the afternoon with Ryan Pointer from the Kauai Visitor Information Channel. They had hired me to come out for a week to take a look around with the idea of coming back for a much longer trip.

I did some shots of the Taro fields, a few shots of the river, a few shots of the beach and some high shots…Because some of the clips were long “timelapses” I used up my 32gb pretty fast.

It’s a relatively steep learning curve, especially coming after using the Panasonic Lumix GH1 for a couple of weeks. The video mode of the 5dmk2, as many of you already know, it a bit of a b**** to use! Lack of manual controls, 12 minutes clips, inability to lock exposure between takes…the list goes on. One way around the lack of manual controls to start with is don’t use Canon glass. I used all my Nikon lenses that I normally use with my Letus Ulitmate. My fast Zeiss primes, my f2.8 Nikon zooms and my shift tilt Hartblei. All I used was a £15 EOS to Nikon adaptor from ebay and it worked a treat. Obviously all auto controls for stills are lost with these lenses but for video they are perfect as they have manual aperture so you can stay wide open and the camera compensates with shutter/ ISO (ISO can be locked, as far as I know shutter can’t)”

After watching the short, I did some research on Bloom, which led me to his personal blog. It turned out that Bloom was a filmmaker, having directed and edited numerous short films and documentaries. He is also known online for his film tutorials and training videos. I dug a little deeper and found a short film that he shot at Skywalker Ranch and then edited the following day and later screened to George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino. They had invited Bloom over to the Ranch to show them what the Canon DSLR’s could do and whether the footage would hold up on a projected screen. Both Lucas and Tarantino were blown away by Bloom’s footage that Lucas would later hire him to shoot Red Tails. So rad.

Music: Always Returning by Brian Eno from the album Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks. Buy now from Amazon.

While shooting on the beach, Bloom simply asked Reagan’s dad if they would be models for his film and they said yes. Photo by Philip Bloom.

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