Mount Olomana Part II: Unfinished Business To Ahiki

Update (April, 2018): This trail has a deadly record. As per this Hawaii News Now article:

“In 2015, a Florida visitor died after falling 200 feet while hiking between the first and second peaks. Honolulu firefighter Mitch Kai died in 2014 after tumbling 50 feet between the second and third peaks. And in 2011, Ryan Suenaga lost his life after a 150-foot fall between the second and third peaks.”

Know your limits before you choose to do this hike.

Exactly one month after visiting Mount Olomana, Joel and I decided to return. It was the day after Christmas, and this time, it was just me, Joel, and our good friend Ryan. He has completed Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kaiwa Ridge and a few other hiking trails in the past. However, Mount Olomana was by far the most difficult trail that he has attempted.

The journey up to Peak 1 and 2 were relatively uneventful. The views were just as spectacular the first time around as it was the second time around. Ryan was able to hang with us the entire way up. He tackled the 15 foot rockface and reached the top of it without incident. After reaching Peak 1, we spent maybe 15-20 minutes taking in the views and snapping photos. The weather was excellent on this day and the breeze was very welcoming.

At the trailhead.

This was one of my favorite shots from the hike. My Merrell Barefoots worked pretty well on this hike.

Ryan descending Peak 2, Pakui.

Joel going down. The rope is in his way.

This structure is seen en route to Peak 3. It looks like a middle finger!

Ryan poses in the Olomana “Keyhole.”

Working our way up to the third peak, Ahiki.

When we made it to the top of Ahiki, we of course left our mark on the Geocache.



Orange Moss?

Joel and Ryan checking out the view from Ahiki.

A crew of hikers trailing us.


This was my second favorite shot from the day. I get scared looking at this photo since it was a sheer drop to the left and right of me.

GoPro Gear on. This was taken on our way to Peak 3. I didn’t put the GoPro on until we started the descent down Pakui.

For some reason, this section was the most difficult for me. I just couldn’t get the footholds and handholds right. But I did get it in the end.

Ryan looks really tiny in this photo. He’s not tiny. Trust me.

This is exactly how all three of us felt after reaching the third peak, Ahiki.

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  1. I’m one of those ones that stopped at peak 1 due to my fear of heights. Just looking at these pictures makes my hands sweat! lol

    Congrats on making it to peak 3! That’s quite an accomplishment! (:

    • Hey Punynari! Peak 1 is great and the view from there is awesome 🙂 You could probably easily manage going to Peak 2 and then stop there, if you choose to go again. Going down Peak 2 is when things get pretty scary.

  2. You mentioned trekking down the backside of peak 3? I recently moved to Kailua and on multiple occasions have found myself staring at the 3rd peak and some type of trail coming out the back. I want to go exploring and try to discover this myself, but was wondering if you had any tips, or if it is on private property? Thanks!

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