Friends of Leslie Charles Merrell: A Memorial Scholarship Fund

A scholarship memorial fund has been set up by friends of Leslie Charles Merrell. Donated funds will go toward Merrell’s two daughters.

Friends of Leslie Charles Merrell, the avid hiker who lost his life in a tragic hiking accident on March 18, 2012, have established a Memorial Fund to aid his two teenage daughters during this trying time.

Leslie was a carpenter as well as an avid hiker and outdoorsman. He belonged to the group O’ahu Hikers & Adventurers. As group organizer, Leslie was able to fulfill his hiking passion. He led hikes around the island 2-3 times per week and often repeated his favorite hikes numerous times. Leslie was an integral part of the Hawaii hiking community. Originally from Carrollton, Georgia, Leslie was a widowed husband and the father to two amazing girls.

Every dollar counts! There is a brick-and-mortar account at:

c/o American Savings Bank – Main Branch
PO Box 2300
Honolulu, HI 96804

You can mail contributions of any amount there, or go to any American Savings Bank branch and make a donation to the “FRIENDS OF LESLIE CHARLES MERRELL”. The purpose of this account is to collect donations from the friends of the late Leslie Charles Merrell. The account is a scholarship fund for Leslie’s surviving teenage children, Holly and Kelly Merrell.

The outpouring of support for the Merrell family has been tremendous in the hiking community. Please alert fellow local hikers of this new development from this tragic event.

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  1. Well, I did not really know this hiker but I know when people are being really divisive and bitchy, & I would say that there was an example of that above between, “Poor Kevin” and “Kevin.” I didn’t even think they were separate personas, for a while.

    Hope everything will work out for them. I got really caught up in the drama and in the bickering, there, for a moment. I really, truly, sadly, and deeply felt sorry, for those two girls without a father (where is their mother?)….I understand the pitfalls of being a hiker, as an amateur but good hiker. This seems like a crazy fluke/accident. I hope this never happens to another hiker in the United States!!! 🙂

    ~Peace, Suphie.

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