Thanks. All 10,000 of You.

Today is a glorious day. Today, Exploration: Hawaii surpassed 10,000 unique visitors. It is especially exciting to know that so many of you are finding our website organically through Google and other search engines and even through word of mouth. You all are awesome. Here are a few things that some people have been saying about Exploration: Hawaii.

“You have an awesome and very informational website of amazing hikes. I’ll continue to check back for hiking tips and new spots to explore. Your site is by far THEE BEST hiking/outdoors website I’ve come across… and best of all it’s FREE! Thank you!” -Grace

“Just wanted to say how freaking awesome your site is! The tutorials are so detailed and perfect. Please keep posting, your explorations are so great! As a fellow local, they really help me appreciate what we have here on the islands. Plus you just gave me SO MANY MORE activities to do on this island!” -Cassie

“Gorgeous website! This is exactly the kind of resource that I have always been looking for… Great descriptions, great pictures, and sweet logo.” -Arlen

“These guys know all of the best hikes on Oahu and have the pics to prove it! -Joseph

So, Thank You. All 10,000 of you. We’ll promise to keep writing and keep posting crazy photos, if you keep visiting and exploring. We’ve got some very exciting stuff coming up so definitely keep an eye out! Oh, and please Like us on Facebook!

The above image is courtesy of Etsy seller, Quilting Cafe. Please visit her Etsy store for some great quilts.

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