The Aloha Tower Observation Deck: Four Unique Views of Honolulu

The Aloha Tower located at Pier 9 of Honolulu Harbor was completed in 1926 at the cost of $190,000. At the time, Aloha Tower was the tallest structure in Hawaii at 10 stories tall and measuring 184 feet (56 meters) in height. For 34 years the Aloha Tower was the tallest structure in Hawaii but has since been eclipsed by the First Hawaiian Center in Downtown Honolulu [1]. Although no longer the tallest structure, many still consider the Aloha Tower to be one of the most famous landmarks on Oahu. The tower was restored in 1994 and serves as both a welcoming point for incoming ships and as a fully functional traffic control center for the harbor located at Mamala Bay. I was able to pay a visit to the top of the enduring Aloha Tower following my recent tour on the Star of Honolulu Premier Whale Watch Cruise.

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Mount Olomana Part 1: The First Go Around to Ahiki

Update (April, 2018): This trail has a deadly record. As per this Hawaii News Now article:

“In 2015, a Florida visitor died after falling 200 feet while hiking between the first and second peaks. Honolulu firefighter Mitch Kai died in 2014 after tumbling 50 feet between the second and third peaks. And in 2011, Ryan Suenaga lost his life after a 150-foot fall between the second and third peaks.”

Know your limits before you choose to do this hike.

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Star of Honolulu Premier Whale Watch Cruise: An Excellent Whale Watching Experience

If you’re looking to do a whale cruise in Hawaii then look no further than the Star of Honolulu Premier Whale Watching Cruise. I had the opportunity to experience the Star of Honolulu last week and I was thoroughly impressed and had an excellent time. Before I continue I should disclose that this opportunity was a complimentary offer provided to Exploration: Hawaii by Star of Honolulu as part of their media tour.

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Manoa Cliff and Pu’u Ohia: A Hike Beyond Tantalus Lookout

If you’re looking to do a quick hike in the Honolulu area then set your sights on one of the trails that make up the Honolulu Mauka Trail System. We’ve covered the Makiki Valley Loop Trail in the past when we connected the Maunalaha and Kanealole Trails. More recently, we explored ourbackyard once again by paying a visit to the Manoa Cliff Trail and connecting it with the Pu’u Ohia Trail. The route discussed here is a quick 3.5 mile loop that can be completed in under 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Hawaii Cacao Festival 2012 at the Haleiwa Farmer’s Market

Two Sunday’s ago I had the fortunate opportunity to check out the 2nd Annual Cacao Festival at the Haleiwa’s Farmer’s Market. Actually, me going to this event happened on a whim. The day before, Ernest (remember Waldo from the Makapuu to Tom-Tom hike?) invited me to check out the festival with him. I heard about it a few days earlier but had forgotten about it when Ernest brought it up. My interest was renewed now that I had someone to go with. The funny thing is that we never really set a time to go. That Sunday, I woke up a bit late, jumped in my car and drove to Haleiwa wondering if Ernest would still be joining me. Before heading to the Farmer’s Market, I made a pitstop at the Haleiwa American Savings Bank to grab some quick cash. It turned out that Ernest had reached Haleiwa at around the same that I stopped at the ATM. Cool. Only thing, he missed the Farmer’s Market and ended up lost somewhere in the North Shore. Fortunately, I guided him to the intersection of Jospeh P. Leong Bypass & Kamehameha Hwy and he was able to find his way the Farmer’s Market. All this excitement and we hadn’t even checked out the Cacao Festival yet!

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