Kaena Point From Mokuleia: Bunkers, Legends, and Old Railways

I love exploring the north and west shores leading up to Kaena Point, primarily because I think it is the last stretch of wild coastline on Oahu. Once you step beyond where the paved roads end in both Mokuleia and Waianae, you are instantly surrounded by beautiful coastal terrain, cultural sites, and remnants of a historical past once dominated by plantations and the military.

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Lulumahu Falls + Luakaha Falls With The Sierra Club of Hawaii

Sometime in the middle of last year, I went on a little field trip with the Sierra Club of Hawaii – Oahu Chapter to visit Lulumahu Falls, Kaniakapupu, and Luakaha Falls. You can check out the Kaniakapupu post here, but for some reason, I never got around to sharing photos from Lulumahu Falls. Oddly enough, when this blog first started in 2011, Lulumahu Falls was one of the most requested posts from readers. We never got around to making a post, despite a memorable experience trying to find it.

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A Twist on Lanikai Ridge

The Kaiwa Ridge Trail, often referred to as Lanikai Ridge, is a trail that never disappoints. Maybe it’s the vibrant, azure colored waters fronting the ridge, with the Mokulua Islands popping out from the ocean in the distance. Maybe it’s the appeal of the old, war time bunkers that you find along the trail. Whatever it is, the Kaiwa Ridge hike is rad and is therefore my go-to hike whenever I have friends visiting. Friends, like my friend Ryan.

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Merriman’s Waimea: Chef Peter Merriman’s Flagship Restaurant

If you could visit just one of Chef Peter Merriman’s restaurants, it should be his flagship Waimea location. Merriman’s Waimea has been praised by Honolulu Magazine as the “Best Big Island Restaurant” for 15 consecutive years. 15 years. Insane. And yes, the food is indeed delicious. Chef Merriman defined what became known as Hawaii Regional Cuisine, along with other notable chefs, including Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, and George Mavrothalassitis.

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Five To Try: Kona Coffee

When in Kona, you drink coffee. You drink a lot of coffee. That’s what you do. Below you’ll find five coffee shop stops that we made during a recent trip to Kona. Do note that the locations chosen below were selected based on location and convenience. This is by no means a Top 5 list of any kind.

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Klean Kanteen: The Insulated Water Bottle That Works

For some reason, Hawaii has been obsessed with that insulated bottle brand that starts with an H and ends with a K. You know what brand I’m talking about. Thing is, that brand of water bottle always seems to break down on on me. Yup, I’ve never had a Hydro Flask last longer than three months. I’ve even sent back for replacement bottles (read the very bottom for more information on said replacements), only to have the replacement bottle then break down. And by break down I mean it no longer will maintain insulation as promised. In other words, they sucked.

Enter Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen renewed my faith in the insulated water bottle market.

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