Manoa Falls to Konahuanui

Manoa Falls to Konahuanui: Waterfall to Ko’olau’s 2nd Highest Point

The highest point for the largest mountain on Oahu resides between Nu’uanu and Manoa valleys. Much like the other 2 prominent peaks on the island, Ka’ala and Ohulehule, Konahuanui has multiple approaches varying in difficulty. The shortest route to Konahuanui would be starting in Nu’uanu with the Kalawahine trail and connecting to the Pauoa Flats trail, but parking is a little risky. For our recent hike, we would start with the popular and well maintained Manoa Falls trail and use 15+ switchbacks and multiple steep hills to reach Konahuanui.

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Cinematic Reel of Hawaii

The following is a guest post written by Oahu based photographer and filmographer, Casey Bassett. A few days ago, I stumbled on this reel of shots put together by Casey on Facebook. I reached out to Casey and asked him to share a few words about his video with the readers of Exploration: Hawaii. He kindly accepted.

I can’t get enough of the outdoors! I love the mountains and the trees, as well as the waterfalls and the smell of plants after a morning rain. I love the way the sun rises and sets beyond the ocean’s edge.

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Look Who Just Turned 3!

Three years of blogging about hiking in Hawaii has zipped by so very fast. We’ve documented over 215+ different hikes across the State of Hawaii. What’s even more amazing is that we’ve gone beyond just blogging about hiking in Hawaii. Over the last year, we started covering various local and cultural events (thanks Marvin) and the Hawaii food and restaurant scene. As always, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on photography, and providing you with the best narrative and advice possible. We love sharing our experiences with all of you.

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Mt. Olympus to Manoa Middle: Hiking Above Manoa Valley

Mt. Olympus (Awaawaloa) is a popular trail amongst the nearby school campuses and across the hiking community as it provides a nice, moderate workout to a rewarding view. Recently, Toby Keathley and Chris Topher planned a hike to Mt. Olympus (via lower Wa’ahila ridge). A group of nine would meet up for this hike and a few of us would also crossover to Manoa Middle ridge using the KSRT.

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