Livestock Tavern: A Taste of New England in Downtown Honolulu

Tucked away on the corner of Hotel & Smith St. is the latest culinary experiment by the same duo that delivered the immensely popular Lucky Belly. Livestock Tavern reminds me of the hearty comfort food that I willingly indulge in whenever visiting the New England coast. Their winter menu includes choices like shellfish stew, braised beef tongue, and a devilishly delicious Maine lobster roll.

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Lucky Belly: A Modern and Chic Ramen Bar In Downtown Honolulu

Lucky Belly or Downbeat Diner? It took us two days to decide, but eventually, we chose to indulge in ramen from Lucky Belly. Located on North Hotel Street, Lucky Belly is part of a new wave of restaurants that has been invading Downtown Honolulu. When I first walked in and took a look at the menu, I was reminded of David Chang’s immensely popular Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City’s East Village. Think indulgent pork belly bao, gyoza, and, of course, irresistible ramen.

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