Photos of the Makakilo Brushfire on Palehua Ridge

Decided to take a drive to Makakilo to check out the brushfire that has been going off since last week Friday. Two seven-year-old brothers are believed to have ignited the brushfire after playing with a lighter that they found. While I was there, I did see Honolulu Fire Department helicopters dropping water over hot spots. It is estimated that the state has so far spent over $54,000 to extinguish the fire.

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Lanai Lookout Hawaii Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes II: Lana’i Lookout and Multi-Exposure Milky Way shots

Lana’i Lookout on the Southern East coast of Oahu offers an ideal spot for Honolulu residents to practice astrophotography. Nestled behind Koko Crater and not too far from Hanauma Bay, this scenic lookout is packed with tourists and experienced divers during the day and offers a wide view of a mostly dark sky at night where the Milky Way is strongly visible during the summer months. While the darkness here does not rival Kaena Point or Mokuleia, it is a shorter drive for the majority of the residents on the island. The first time I would ever shoot stars would be here and I would return multiple times with new gear and ideas.

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Manoa Falls to Konahuanui

Manoa Falls to Konahuanui: Waterfall to Ko’olau’s 2nd Highest Point

The highest point for the largest mountain on Oahu resides between Nu’uanu and Manoa valleys. Much like the other 2 prominent peaks on the island, Ka’ala and Ohulehule, Konahuanui has multiple approaches varying in difficulty. The shortest route to Konahuanui would be starting in Nu’uanu with the Kalawahine trail and connecting to the Pauoa Flats trail, but parking is a little risky. For our recent hike, we would start with the popular and well maintained Manoa Falls trail and use 15+ switchbacks and multiple steep hills to reach Konahuanui.

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