Tasaka Guri Guri, The Cool Treat Only Found On Maui

If you’re on Maui, locals know that nothing beats the cool treat called guri guri, especially on hot, sunny days. The name “guri guri” is really synonymous with Tasaka Guri Guri, which has been selling this ice cream-sherbert-ish sweet treat for more than 90 years. Its founder, Jokichi Tasaka shared the dessert with Japanese plantation workers in the early 1900’s. Story has it that he initially called it “goodie-goodie,” but because some could not pronounce it, the name eventually evolved into “guri guri.”

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An Unreal Deal of an Omakase

We’ve shared a lot on Exploration: Hawaii, especially our favorite hikes and places to dine. That said, this is one restaurant that I’m not particularly ready to give away just yet. It’s a sushi bar that is more of a hole-in-the-wall. Actually, it kind of is, literally, a hole in the wall of a larger restaurant. It’s frequented by locals who like to eat good, talk loud, and drink a lot. Did I mention that this sushi bar is BYOB. Yup, and many regulars drag along their own coolers filled with ice and their favorite alcoholic beverage of choice. Their 11-piece omakase is a great value at just $30.  Now do you get why I’m keeping this one to myself?

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Ten Luxury Items That You Should Consider Bringing To Haleakala

When planning for your backpacking trip to Haleakala, you’ll want to think carefully about what you bring along with you. The pounds will add up quickly, so you will only want to bring the essentials. With that said, during my four-day backpacking trip through Haleakala, there were a few items that I was very thankful that I brought along and other things that I wished I had. Here’s a list of 10 non-essential luxury times that will likely make your hike in the crater a lot more comfortable.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hike Sacred Falls

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources recently reached out to me with a link to the video above. Many of our long time readers know that we had directions to Sacred Falls here. Key word: had. I took down the directions, not because the DLNR asked me to (they didn’t), but because I watched the video and realized that I should. So I did. If you’re thinking of hiking Sacred Falls, there are many good reasons why you should reconsider:

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