Hawaii Food And Wine Festival 2014 Finale: It’s A Food World After All

It’s been three weeks since the conclusion of the 2014 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and its finale, It’s A Food World After All. And that’s about how long it took me to recover from it all. At the festival’s final signature event, sixteen master chefs took Hawaii residents on a culinary journey, with the stunning Ko Olina beach and a gorgeous full moon as it’s backdrop.

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Pele's Chair Milky Way

Hawaii Starscapes III: Mokuleia, Pele’s Chair, and Eternity Beach Astrophotography

With the Milky Way (Hokunohoaupuni) shooting season coming to an end for the year, Jose and I decided to check out a few new spots to see if we could catch it in novel locations. Last month, we would go to the Kaena Point parking lot on the Mokuleia side which would offer the darkest spot we’ve come across on the island so far. Recently, we checked out Pele’s Chair and Eternity Beach on the East coast. While the latter two are not the darkest spots on the island, it offered interesting landmarks to be coupled with the Milky Way.

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The Quest To Find The “Heart-shaped Rock” (and Nakalele Blowhole) on Maui

A few weekends ago, I took my friend, Sheryl, to Maui. It was actually her first time visiting Maui and the two main things she really wanted to see were the “heart-shaped rock” and bamboo forest. I had been to Maui several times, but had never seen the heart-shaped rock. Thank goodness for the internet. Upon searching for the heart-shaped rock on Maui, our quest led us to the Nakalele Blowhole.

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Keiki In the Kitchen: A Culinary Outing For The Whole Family

The 4th Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival kicked off last week with “Aloha ‘Aina, Aloha Kai – Love of the Land, Love of the Sea” in Waikoloa on the Big Island. The festival concluded this past weekend with 4 big events, with the latter 3 events being sold out—Keiki in the Kitchen: Food, Fitness, & Fun; Corks & Forks; Battle of the Brunch Showdown; and It’s A Food World After All.

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Nani and Makaha Valley

Pu’u Kea’au: Climbing above Makaha Valley using the Donkey Z trail

For Labor Day 2014, Will, Hawaii’s premiere Holiday Hike Organizer, planned to climb up the obscure Donkey Z Switchbacks to visit the summit of Kea’au ridge behind the iconic Makaha Towers. We would end up with a group of nine hikers. With it being a very hot and dry day plus none of us having done the trail before, we would eventually split up into 3 groups and finish 3 different routes. Pu’u Kea’au would prove to be a difficult summit to gain while offering unique views and a humbling journey.

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