Bird’s-Eye View From The Makapuu Bunkers

Lazy Saturday, means lazy hiking day. And in Hawaii, it doesn’t get any lazier than the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail. It’s paved all the way up to the lookout. However, there are a couple of exciting variations to Makapuu. The last time that Exploration: Hawaii was up there, we had the very unique and rare opportunity to visit the inside of the lighthouse, and then took a backside route to Pele’s Chair. It was spectacular, and we even unleashed the Animal Heads Super Team to the world.

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Viewing the First Blood Moon of the Lunar Tetrad From Hawaii

No, Blood Moon is not the latest book in the Twilight Saga. It’s even better than that, and Hawaii residents had a front row seat earlier this week to see it firsthand. Blood Moon is the nickname given to our moon during a lunar eclipse. In fact, this Blood Moon marks the start of a lunar tetrad, or four total eclipses in a row, the first of which took place on April 14. The next one is scheduled for October 8, so mark your calendars.

Hawaii was a prime spot to see the Sun, Earth, and Moon in alignment and the Blood Moon take shape. Exploration: Hawaii set up our cameras in Waikiki, at both Kapiolani Park and Fort Derussey. This is what we saw before the clouds and rain came rolling in.

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Mariposa: Laid-Back Lunch Time Luxe With Delectable Fare

Mariposa, Neiman Marcus’ signature restaurant, has been serving its chic food in Hawaii for some time now. And I have admit, it is one of my favorite places to have lunch when I’m looking to be spoiled just a tad bit. Golden popovers, chicken consommé, elegant decor, and friendly service is all part of the Mariposa experience. I can’t pinpoint it, but the restaurant has this old Hawaii vibe about it. Maybe it’s the open-air balcony seating that overlooks Ala Moana beach. Needless to say, ladies love to dine at Mariposa. It’s not uncommon to see older local ladies dressed in intricate muumuu’s, as well as the younger, business crowd with their hip Bottega Veneta bags. Laid back elegance and luxury, and sophisticated food, is what makes Mariposa a lunch time dining experience not to be missed. 

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Kuliouou Ridge Trail Revisited

Looking to experience Hawaii’s ridge hiking scene? A good place to start would probably be the Kuliouou Ridge Trail. We first reviewed Kuliouou Ridge Trail way back in 2011. My gosh, 2011 seems like eons ago. This intermediate level trail hasn’t changed much since 2011. The tiresome switchbacks are still followed by the walk through ironwoods and cook pines, with the last third of the trail being a nice climb up to the spine of the eastern portion of the Koolau Summit Trail (KST). If you’re new to the island, or new to hiking in Hawaii, then I’d definitely give Kuliouou a try. I’m pretty sure that once you’ve tasted what Kuliouou has to offer, you’ll want to experience the rest of the eastern ridge trails that lead to the beautiful KST.

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A Return To Sushi Sasabune

Last month, we celebrated Joel’s birthday by dining at my favorite sushi restaurant on the island, Sushi Sasabune. As per our birthday celebration tradition, the birthday boy got to choose, and he chose well. Of course, we did the omakase, there’s no better way to do Sasabune other than to sit at the sushi bar and wait in anticipation for whatever it is that the sushi chef will present next.

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