Dîner en Blanc Honolulu 2015: An All-White Affair At Ko Olina

Last year I wrote:

Imagine a party where you have to bring your own silverware, table, and linens. Imagine a party where everyone is dressed from head to toe in white. Imagine a party where you have no idea where you will be dining. That, my friends, is the epicurean phenomenon known as Dîner en Blanc. Launched 25 years ago by François Pasquier, Dîner en Blanc is known for holding some of the most exclusive parties in the most prestigious locations throughout Paris. One Hawaii resident worked hard to bring the party to Honolulu, all because she could not make an official Dîner en Blanc party in Paris that she was invited to. How lucky for us.

And then we did it all over again this year.

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Kahekili to Crouching Lion with Manamana in Kahana, 2015 by Marvin Chandra

Return to Kahekili to Crouching Lion via Manamana

Kahekili to Manamana is an increasingly popular loop in Ko’olauloa that offers grand views throughout the route (especially if starting on the Kahekili side) while providing a good workout on its memorable trail. Recently, I would join Tressie and Mike on this loop on a generally overcast day where the Sun occasionally peeped out. We would start off from Swanzy Beach Park as usual and would have a relatively easy day as increased popularity has made the trail obvious all over and the most overgrown portions are considerably more bearable. We would end the day at Fresh Catch where we’d learn about Tressie’s disturbing addiction to Sriracha sauce. Also see the second and first visits documented on the blog for more information and pictures.
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Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island

As you travel through Japan, you will undoubtedly notice the many torii, or religious shrines. However, there is no torii more dramatic than Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island. At low tide, visitors can walk up to the torii. At high tide, visitors enjoy the torii from a distance. When we visited, it was raining heavily. It was dark, gray, gloomy, and seemingly magical. Another UNESCO World Heritage site checked off of my list.

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One Night In Fukuoka

Ah, Japan. Last summer, I embarked on a multi-city jaunt through the Land of the Rising Sun. The trip was memorable for so many different reasons and as I get ready to revisit Japan, I thought it would be fun to share some of those memories.

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