Chasing The Manapua Man: The Hawaii Icon

If you grew up in Hawaii, then chances are that you have very fond memories of the manapua man. Every neighborhood had its own manapua man. They were ubiquitous when I was a kid. My manapua man would drive through my neighborhood at least five times a day, from morning until late into the evening. I can still remember the manapua man that drove his white van through my neighborhood in Ewa. He was an old Chinese man, with a full head of white hair. He always wore a button up shirt.

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Hawaii Starscapes: East and West Coast Milky Ways

The last few days have been ideal for astrophotography due to dark and fairly clear night skies. The New Moon was on Saturday and the Moon would be dim for a few days before and after allowing the stars to be most visible. On Friday, Jose and I headed West towards Kaena Point as Kaena is one of the least light polluted spots on the island. On Monday, Will and I would head East towards the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail to take pictures in one of the darkest spots on the Eastern coast.

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Sushi ii: A Ho-Hum Omakase Experience

My quest for great sushi continued with a recent trip to Sushi ii, an unassuming little restaurant in the Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku Street. Honolulu Magazine recently listed it as the best modern sushi bar in Hawaii. The restaurant even has a fancy 4.5 star rating on Yelp. Unfortunately, my experience at Sushi ii (pronounced “ee,” meaning “good” in Japanese) did not match the aforementioned glowing reviews. I was a bit, disappointed.

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Checking Out Mustang Hillside

Mustang Hillside is a fun little trail that we decided to check out on a whim. In fact, it’s a trail that we often see when getting off the H3 and heading to other hiking landmarks like the Lanikai Pillboxes and Olomana. The views from “Mustang Hillside” are quite nice, offering panoramic views of Kawainui Marsh all the way to the Mokulua Islands. Continuing further up the hillside and the view opens up even more to the other side of the hill, towards Kaneohe.

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A Visit To Washington Square and Four Tips For People Watching

After dropping Michelle off at Mille-Feuille Bakery, where she learned how to make macarons with French pastry chef Olivier Dessyn, I decided to take a short walk to Washington Square Park to do some people watching. I quickly found a bench, relaxed, and enjoyed my latte from Third Rail Coffee. In a city as populous as New York City, I serendipitously stumbled on my good Internet friend, Carlos Morales of Oven Fresh Dreams, at Third Rail. Crazy, right? My morning was off to a great start.

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